Titan Doctor

I am still quite happy with Titan Comics, except for the Year Two storyline with Matt Smith’s 11 that is now over. I hated that with a passion that few things in WHO ever do.

So out tomorrow:

This week sees a new comic released, featuring the Ninth Doctor.


Writer: Cavan Scott
Artist: Adriana Melo
Cover A: Chris Bolson Cover B: Will Brooks Photo Cover C: Matt Baxter

The Ninth Doctor, Rose, and Jack head to Brazil on the next stop of their transtemporal mystery tour. The Iara have long been thought a Brazilian myth, but when these unearthly mercreatures prove to be aquatic aliens making an unscheduled stop on planet Earth, the TARDIS team must establish their intentions and broker peace across the water barrier…!
NINTH DOCTOR #9 Cover_A (Credit: Titan) NINTH DOCTOR #9 Cover_B (Credit: Titan) NINTH DOCTOR #9 Cover_C (Credit: Titan) NINTH DOCTOR #9 Preview_1 (Credit: Titan) NINTH DOCTOR #9 Preview_2 (Credit: Titan) NINTH DOCTOR #9 Preview_3 (Credit: Titan)

The comic is released Wednesday 18 January


Out last Week, the superb Paul Cornell Third Doctor Mini-Series.


Writer: Paul Cornell
Artist: Christopher Jones
Cover A: Andy Walker Cover B: Photo Cover C: Claudia SG Iannicello

Menaced by an unexpected megalomaniac, the Third Doctor and Jo Grant join the forces of UNIT to repel dangers from within and without! Can the Doctor and his allies triumph over a foe who seemingly knows the Doctor better than he knows himself? And we don’t mean the Master!
DOCTOR WHO THIRD DOCTOR #4 Cover_A (Credit: Titan) DOCTOR WHO THIRD DOCTOR #4 Cover_B (Credit: Titan) DOCTOR WHO THIRD DOCTOR #4 Cover_C (Credit: Titan) DOCTOR WHO THIRD DOCTOR #4 Page_1 (Credit: Titan) DOCTOR WHO THIRD DOCTOR #4 Page_2 (Credit: Titan) DOCTOR WHO THIRD DOCTOR #4 Credits (Credit: Titan)

Video Day


Eight Days a Week


The Eight Doctor, non-canon, Non-Big Finish, fan made.

DWM 508

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 508 is a special issue looking back to the show’s groviest decade, the 1970’s.

Doctor Who Magazine 508 (Credit: Panini)Doctor Who Magazine 508 (Credit: Panini)Doctor Who Magazine Issue 508 is a special issue looking back to the

The magaizine has brought together actress Katy Manning, who played Jo Grant alongside the third Doctor, with one of her biggest fans, Doctor Who writer and actor Mark Gatiss. Gatiss remembers the first time he saw Katy on screen in her début adventure, 1971’s Terror of the Autons…

Mark: “I remember it as if it were yesterday. I have very, very particular memories of those first few stories. I was so frightened of that little troll doll –”

Katy: “It’s still pretty ghastly. (Shudders) It had pointed teeth, and the way it walked –”

Mark: “I was four years old. Your early memories tend to be either something amazing, or something very traumatic. Usually traumatic.”

Katy: “But it was an extraordinary episode. I loved it as an introduction, because Jo was quite different. She was just ordinary, really. She had no special talents. You watch Jo, literally straight out of school, saying, ‘I didn’t say I passed,’ [in response to the Doctor’s ‘I thought you took an A-level in Science?’] – which I thought was a great line to give anybody!”

Mark: “It’s absolutely true to say that everybody has their Doctor and their time, and I just can’t remember there not being a time when Jon and Katy were it for me. I revisit them often, especially in trouble times – or on wintery afternoons. Like I did the other day. ‘Ooh, I think I might have a glass of sherry and a mince pie, and watch Planet of the Daleks, because it’ll make me feel good.’ I know I sound like I’m about a hundred years old –”

Katy: “Leave that to me. (Laughs) But she was very young, Jo, which was so lucky, because I got to grow up. The writers were very clever. They saw I was growing up, so Jo grew up with me.”

Mark: “And I grew up with Jo.”

Also Inside This Issue…

  • Terrance Dicks Interviewed
  • A chat with Doctor Who’s masterful writer, genius script editor, prolific novelist and creator of the Time Lords.

  • Doctor Who In The 1970s
  • An exploration of how Doctor Who reflected the real world during the 1970s.

  • Time Capsule
  • We vworp back to revisit what was happening during a single month in Doctor Who history: November 1977.

  • Doorway To Hell
  • Part One of a brand-new comic strip adventure, set in 1973, written by Mark Wright and illustrated by Staz Johnson.

  • The Brain Of Morbius
  • 1970s Doctor Who meets Gothic horror, as the TARDIS lands on Karn in this issue’s Fact of Fiction.

  • The DWM Review
  • A look back of the 2016 Christmas Special The Return of Doctor Mysterio, plus all the latest audio releases.

  • Previews
  • A look ahead to all the latest Doctor Who CD and book releases, coming soon.

Plus A FREE Doctor Who comic, *Sub Zero, featuring the Third Doctor and the Daleks, originally presented in 1972!

Doctor Who Magazine 508 Supplement (Credit: Panini)Doctor Who Magazine 508 Supplement (Credit: Panini)Doctor Who Magazine 508 Supplement (Credit: Panini)

Doctor Who Magazine 508 is on sale from Thursday 12 January, price £5.99.


Florence Hoath - Doctor Who: Where Are They Now?

“I am your Mummy!” – Hoath delivered one of the standout guest performances in Doctor Who’s 2005 series as single-mother Nancy in spooky two-parter ‘The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances’.

That same year, she appeared in 50 episodes of Channel 5 soap Family Affairs (remember that?) and, in 2008, guested on Doctors and starred in another time-travel drama of sorts, ITV’s Lost in Austen (about a modern girl trapped in Pride and Prejudice. She played Kitty Bennet).

Hoath’s since retired from acting, but you can find her on Twitter.

Well, I hope she’s happy because that performance over 10 years ago now still sticks with me as one of the finest I seen in a very long time.

I still think about it. That says alot.


I am interested in this only because of the possibilities of how River would react to the Classic Doctors, like Sixxie and Seven. The Blustery Ego and The Manipulator.

I haven’t gotten anythingn from them in a long time because finding the time is not easy but I’m intriqued enough. I will let you know later.

Funko Doc

I don’t get the Funko craze. Really, I don’t. But apparently it’s big enough that now there’s competition.



Image result

The game has been out for many years but this weekend with my time off I have really gotten to appreciate the game (the $100 for a mass of crystals helped tremendously).

For those unfamiliar with this game:

Image result for doctor who legacy
You gather a team, created from the basic characters who then gain experience and get more and better at their particular skills. Always 1 Doctor an d then the “companions”. I am using The 7th Doctor. 🙂
You have to get at least 3 colors in a row and then the corresponding character will attack in their way, with special attacks also that come up. You want to try and get them to go in multiple combos for bigger hits.
Having a Healer (Like Clara Oswald) and some attack bad asses (like Absalom Daak) is a good idea.
You can wait for the game to give some new characters or you can spend your Crystals (money) to buy new ones.
And I’ll admit a lot of the love I have for it was after I spent lots of money. 😦
But once you make that investment, and also discover some some of the tricks you had not looked for previously, like bonus points and upgrades its a good game.
It’s fun. Not cheap. You go cheap you’ll be frustrated like I was for a long time. You get what you pay for.
But the “Fan” area game levels are EVIL!  Sadists lurk there.
Like most “fan” made levels they are more evil than the game itself is. There was one game that was only 1 level, but you had 3 opponents that I swear must have had a million hit points EACH! and it made you play it TWICE to get both of the character drops!
The epitome of this kind of thing is actually in cooking show (yes, this is off WHO but not off-topic). Watch the “fan” selected baskets on Chopped. They are just downright cruel and inhuman.
So unless you spend lots of money to get lots of crystals (170 for $100 and I’ve lost at 60 of them on fan levels) then stay you may not enjoy it as much.
But it is fun to watch 4 bad guys come on the screen and Absalom Daak takes out his chainsword special and wipes them out in one go!
Image result for doctor who legacy abslom daak
And if you don’t know who he is, shame on you!
Read old Doctor Who Magazines and Comics. He was just in Year Two of the Matt Smith Titan Series.
The Legendary Absolom Daak, Dalek Killer!

Gardening With WHO


First Doctor

109 years ago today, William Hartnell, the First Doctor – the original you might say – was born!

Can Star Trek say that? :0)