All I wills ay is, “tolerance” and “diversity” never had it so good. And never made my point better about how narcissistic and nasty Leftist can be.

“Indeed, the only way to make them disappear is to keep aggressively fighting their bigotry until, as successive generations follow one another, it dissipates completely. “

I agree. Just about YOU not Me. 🙂

“Perhaps, yes, much of what motivates these men stems from economic fears, from the terror of knowing that late capitalism has abandoned them and that women are indeed starting to share at least some of their already diminished power.

But they don’t deserve our respect and they don’t deserve our sympathy. What they deserve is our scorn. It might be just what they need.”

Not Politics here. No Political Correctness at all.

I’m still an “asshole”.

Can the Left move on? Of course not. Heaping scorn and ridicule on their political opponents is what they live for. So contrary to the sub-headline to the article :

Don’t ignore the haters and their male fragility. Buckle down and crush them — you’re doing them a favor.

We are doing them a favor by giving them someone to spew their vitriolic hatred on. They need it.

Good Luck, Mrs. Whitaker. With Fans like these who needs Daleks…Sontarans…Cybermen!



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