The Rumor Mill

The Secrecy of WHO and a rapid internet-obessesed world make for strange bedfellows.

And I’m not one for rumors generally. But this one is getting persistent. So where there’s smoke there may be fire. Plus, it’s PC because she not white.

According to a source (Radio Times) , auditions are poised to begin for the part with Thakrar – who won plaudits from the soap’s producers and fans – in line for an audience with the producers.

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Then a rumor came up that British soap opera star, Rakhee Thakrar of EastEnders, may be the next companion, and now, Thakrar has responded to those rumors in an interview with Leicester Mercury More magazine. Here’s what she had to say when asked:

Opening quote

My way of looking at everything is just be here and see what happens. There’s such a vast range of projects and roles, that I’m open to see what comes.

Closing quote

This is truly a stellar job of not really answering the question. While it is easy to just dismiss her reply as nothing more than an ambiguous way of leaving her options open, there could well be more to her statement than just… not making a statement. Perhaps she is just under orders to not say anything one way or another until the BBC is ready to make an announcement.
Her answer definitely seems a bit ambiguous, but at the same time saying “we’ll see what happens” kind of makes it seem like she wasn’t definitively cast, as Capaldi had intimated beforehand. Then again, if she’s under an NDA, then who knows.

When asked about casting for his new companion at the Radio Times Covers Party in January, Capaldi remained tight-lipped.

“We’ve just had some brief talks about it, we haven’t actually chosen someone yet — that I know of,” he said. “I would expect that I would meet them before we finalised all that… we’re looking for someone different.”

Doctor Who series ten will begin filming in May

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