Review: “Oxygen”

Well…Well…Well…They put their foot in it this time. I bet they don’t even know it either.


Let’s talk about the episode itself first.

Excellent 8/10. What we expect from Jamie Matheison. Really nice horror episode. Dead Men (and women) walking…Literally.

As the Doctor said, “fighting The Suits”. 🙂

Great episode.

The Doctor was EXCEPTIONALLY Reckless on this one. He did win in the end, but at a price. A Price no Doctor has paid short of a regeneration. His still a ways off though.

He let his curiosity and his sense of “doing right” and showing off for his student to the point it really nearly got her killed.

He was dangerously reckless. So we’ll have to see how that effects the rest of the series with The Blind Doctor.

He was so cavalier. Nardole and then Bill were like, “ah, Doctor…” to no avail. He just kept on going like a bull in a china shop, only he kept knocking down the furniture until he solved the riddle.

“I’m bound to be right eventually” is a very reckless thing to do. And I think it underscores the foundation of  this Doctor, he’s an arrogant, reckless, show off.

He was reckless with Clara. She was reckless right along side him. Bill is not reckless, but she is the victim of his recklessness.

Now how will that be going forward?

Plus, we are supposed to learn about the contents of the Vault next week. So the Blind Doctor meets the Vault. Can’t be good.

Overall, a fine episode with lots of suspense and “how is going to get outta this one” and he doesn’t, really, in the end.


If you are easily offended, especially by people who aren’t mindless zombie Leftist this I suggest you exit the review now for your own protection. Thank you.

  1. Did Nardole really have to say “Some on my best friends are blue?” REALLY? Seriously…UGH!
  2.  I did find calling Bill a racist because she reacted badly to a Blue person ironic. But I guess that was my “white privilege”. 🙂
  3. “Everyone says it’s not their fault. Well, yes it is your fault”–The Doctor. But The Left is SPECTACULARLY engrossed in nothing ever being their fault. Nothing. It’s always someone else’s fault. James Comey, You Tube Videos, An email server, “pee privilege”, ad nauseum. So to see the Doctor admonish people for it was funny.
  4. “When human life has no value”–The Doctor. Jamie Matheison said this was the core of the episode. My first thought was ABORTION, and all the millions of babies who were no valued over the last 50+ years. Mind you, I know they were just doing the talking point about soulless corporations but the irony will be lost on them.
  5. Speaking of souless, how about The Left unbridled hated for corporations, but their undying love for Government Control of everything. So soulless bureaucrats are so much better than soulless capitalists?? Really???
  6.  What’s the difference between  Evil Capitalists controlling whether you live or die and Government Bureaucrats controlling who lives and who dies (GOVERNMENT Health Care). Who is worth saving and who is “too expensive”?? Leftist Sanctimony.  You still are not in control, dearie.
  7. So who is more likely to have a tax on Oxygen, the Left or The Capitalist? BOTH. But since The Left is obsessed with find new ways to tax people into the poor house so they can be dependent on the Government for everything and The Capitalist would have to stop if it was less than profitable…Advantage Leftists! After all, California wants to tax space going companies for using their air space!! AIR SPACE!
  8. So they “find a whole new way to make mistakes”–The Doctor. I think they already have. They just don’t know it yet… 🙂
  9. and finally, I want to thank the Writer and Mr Moffat for the neck ache I got when I was bitch-slapping several time with a nail encrusted 2X4 to the head on “racism”. About as subtle.

But that again, is probably my racist, homophobic, transphobic,homophobic, White Privilege talking.

The Irony of it all, is I’m sure in their sanctimony they have no idea just how much hypocrisy was in that episode. So pat yourself on the back for another wonder SJW moment and forget about the 800-lb Gorilla who is laughing his ass off AT you for it.

IGN: There’s an undercurrent of humanism that hits particularly close to home for anyone following the current debate regarding health care in the U.S. Here we have the Doctor arguing for the common man and his basic rights, which can easily be read as a health care parallel. “The end point of capitalism!” says Capaldi in that breathless Capaldi way. “The bottom line where human life has no value at all. We’re fighting an algorithm, a spreadsheet — like every worker everywhere! We’re fighting the suits.”

Indeed, as these space miners become inefficient in their work, the system — the algorithm, the suits — decides that they are better off replacing them wholesale than letting them continue to breathe the air that the system is paying for. It’s too expensive to let them live; and so they must die. Does needing to breathe count as a pre-existing condition?

The LEFT is the one that let the Government Elephant in the tent and he’s never, ever leaving, you know. And he gets to decide who lives and who dies, who is “too expensive”, who is “not worthy” (like seniors). Meanwhile, all the rich people and the bureaucrats sit pretty, immune from it all. Congratulations, you made a “new mistake” and you don’t even know it. 🙂

Thank you. 🙂


Oxygen Preview

I love Jamie Mathison, the writer of this episode.

But the preview line from Moffat, “Oxygen is scarce. Capitalism is rife” has me worried that it’s yet another leftist political 2×4 upside the head. 😦

Might I remind, Mr Moffat that is capitalism that makes him all this money, fame and the TV show itself… 🙂

PHXCC Update

Just announced Yesterday. 2 weeks before the Con.

And Just on Sunday Only.

Going to be a madhouse that day.

Fortunately, for me. I already have them. I got Karen in 2015 at Phoenix Fan Fest and Jenna in New Orleans. So I don’t fight the maddening crowds for that. Just the panel at 1:30pm.



Though he hasn’t been seen much.

Get your Free WHO

Tons of DOCTOR WHO Audio Plays Are Free to Stream

When Doctor Who Series 10 concludes in early July, that will make 36 full seasons of television (plus some specials) spanning 54 years. 839 episodes is a pretty daunting for anyone, but there are actually hundreds and hundreds more hours of fully acted, fully produced Doctor Who stories out there. Big Finish, the British audio drama company, has been making radio plays using past Doctors since 1999 and there are now more Big Finish audio stories than there are TV stories, but that shouldn’t stop you from listening, especially when you can listen to so many on Spotify for free!

This has been a thing for awhile, but we heard about it courtesy of io9 (who got it from Reddit). On Spotify, Big Finish has uploaded over 30 hours of their best audio plays that you can listen to immediately, even placing them in playlists featuring the first episode of the various stories, so you can see if you like it before committing.

There are also playlists of the full stories, as well as one specifically devoted to the newer Fourth Doctor range. But seriously, you’ll have plenty of amazing adventures just listening to the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Doctor adventures. Other than the Fifth, these are Doctors who were underserved on television and have become absolutely brilliant in audio format.

And because even that is a tough mountain to climb, here are some of my favorites for you to dip your toe. I’ll go in release order, so you can find them easier on the playlist. Keep in mind, I haven’t listened to even a tenth of all the Big Finish Doctor Who audio plays that exist, but I’ve truly loved the ones I have.

  • Storm Warning“: The Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann)’s first adventure in audio format introduces his companion, Edwardian adventure woman Charlotte “Charley” Pollard, in a super steampunky airship caper.
  • Bloodtide“: If you like Silurians, then this adventure with the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) should be right up your alley.
  • The Chimes of Midnight“: Another Eighth Doctor and Charley adventure, this one is a very creepy ghost story which uses the medium of audio incredibly effectively. This story just wouldn’t work the same way if you could see it.
  • Spare Parts“: This one takes the Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison) and his companion Nyssa (Sarah Sutton) to the planet Mondas, just as the Mondasians are beginning to fully become Cybermen. An intensely creepy story.
  • Master“: The final story in a short series that saw various Doctors tangle with various villains (Omega and Davros being the earlier ones), this one finds the Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) sending his arch-nemesis and former friend the Master (Geoffrey Beevers) somewhere with no memory of his former evil deeds.

And as I said, these are just some of the hundreds of stories available from Big Finish on Spotify. For. Free.

Have you partaken in Doctor Who audio adventures in the past? What’ve been your favorites? Let me know in the comments below! (Nerdist)

Next Up: Oxygen

But their visit to Space Station Chasm Forge goes awry when they lose the TARDIS.

To make matters worse, they then have to contend with both zombies and the spacesuits that are trying to kill them.

Business as usual for the team, then.

And the first time Nardole gets more than one scene since “The Pilot”.


Episode 4 Review: Who’s There

Knock, Knock…

Who’s There?

The Doctor…

Doctor Who? 🙂

Yes, that joke was inevitable.

But It also serves as the SPOILER WARNING Buffer…

Yes, Knock Knock was good. Real good.


The Doctor was on very fine form tonight. I love this more comedic and darkly eccentric Doctor.

“Don’t Be scared…It doesn’t help…”

He just can’t resist a mystery. It’s like a moth to a flame.

Of course a Huge 1930’s grand mansion is for 6 University Students is going to be a trap!! 🙂

My first University apartment certainly was. It had a lounge and little cafe bar on the complex. The rooms were spacious by Central Michigan standards and it was only 2 miles from campus.

We moved in. The cafe closed almost immediately and never reopened. The neighbors were so drunk they punched holes in the walls when they got locked out. Or you’d find the door laying on the stairs. You had people who thought grilling INDOORS was a good idea.

Within months we had to move to another wing of the building because it was condemned by the County Health Department. They never told the USPS we had moved.

It was a lovely year.

But at least the building wasn’t a fast food place that had us on the Menu every 20 years!

Talk about being eaten out of house and home. With the home doing the eating.

And the Doctor asking like a wacky “grandfather” who just won’t go away because he smells trouble.

Peter Capaldi’s darkly comic timing is superb. Much better than the “Am I a Good Man?” 1st series. Genuinely, I don’t want you to go Peter.

David Suchet was genuinely creepy.

Bill was wonderfully written again, taking the piss out of  “Time Lord” as posh and stuffy, which they are. They even handled the whole lesbian thing so much better than the 2X4 to the head SJWs on the internet. It was a nice scene but you n=knew who was next on the menu with all that clowning around…

I genuinely baffled by The Vault. He’s been guarding it for decades because “a thing happened” but at the end of the episode he stoles in there like he’s at The Signing Towers of Darillium not guarding a “thing” from the universe or the world.

Methinks this is a massive rube goldberg by Mr. Moffat who says that he will reveal what it means in Episode 6, which means there is a massive misdirection coming soon.

Especially, when the who regeneration things is just so casually mentioned and dumped faster than something CNN doesn’t want anyone to talk about. 🙂

But never put it past The Moff to do the twist.

The tragedy of a little boy who plays at being the father of his mother because he can’t bare to lose her. His grief and fear are a personal plague on the people every 20 years, unlike the emojibot Vardi from the second episode or the giant Anglerfish in last episode. Or for that matter the Pilot, the girl who just wanted to run away from everything.

He wants to run away from the mother of the his mother so badly that he has become psychotic.

I must say my mothers death hit me very hard in 2010. And all this talk of “Mother’s Day” is a sore reminder of it. But, fortunately, I don’t have any alien bugs.

It was a heart felt, creepy, little horror story not unlike Psycho where The Landlord is Norman Bates and the Wooden Mother is still alive but not living.

Kudos to the petrified Eliza (Mariah Gale) for a great performance.

A Horror, fantasy, fairy tale (complete with hidden “castle” Tower and the maiden within), with alien sci-fi bugs.

God, I love this show!!

But I still have one question. When the house disintegrated did it take all the bugs with it? Did it take all their stuff too?

Now some other notes: A big Boo Hiss to the BBC

We’ll start with a reference that wasn’t – in this month’s Doctor Who Magazine, the episode’s writer Mike Bartlett revealed that Bill’s friend Harry is actually the grandson of Harry Sullivan, companion to the fourth Doctor from 1974 to 1975. Sadly, Harry Sullivan wasn’t the grandfather who tried to steal a piece of the Great Wall of China with his boyfriend, and the Powers That Be decided that ‘in 2017, people might not remember one companion from 40-odd years ago, so it got cut.’


Knock Knock Preview

The Vault

What’s in the vault? It’s one of the big questions surrounding Doctor Who series 10. We’ve found out today that, thankfully, this won’t be one of those times when we have to wait a whole series to get an answer.

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine teases that the contents of the vault will be revealed around the halfway point of the series, in episode 6. That one’s entitled Extremis. It was written by showrunner Steven Moffat and directed by The Zygon Invasion’s Daniel Nettheim.

“It’s the absolute classic mystery, isn’t it?” Moffat told the mag. “It’s the locked door. It’s the simplest thing I could do – the Doctor’s got a locked door – but it’s instantly fascinating. I mean, you’d only have to be staying in someone’s house for a while and realise that one of the doors is locked to become impossibly curious about what’s in there. That’s human nature. There is something perfectly fascinating about a locked door.

“And we don’t have to wait a whole 12 episodes to find out what’s in there, which I think is important, or you’d go mad.” Thank heavens for that.

So what is The Moff’s game then? I’m sure just revealing what’s in the Vault is just the start not the end.

Skype Who

Skype has added an official Doctor Who bot, featuring voice work from Peter Capaldi. Here’s how to access it…

News Rob Leane

May 4, 2017

Here’s some fun news: a Doctor Who bot has been added to Skype, allowing fans of the show to chat to the iconic Time Lord and take part in an interactive story entitled The Saviour Of Time.

The Doctor Who Bot was developed and written by Joe Lidster of Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. It features voice work from Peter Capaldi himself.

Here’s a trailer…