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Late Today

Due to my bad cold that I have had since Gally. 😦

I think I got more ribbons than ever before (about 9) because of cosplaying Sylvester’s 7th Doctor on Saturday.

I am not very aggressive. Hell, I didn’t even get one from the Fan Show even though I ran into them twice during the convention. 😦


More Gally

Some photos. The harsh light on stage washed out a lot of them.

Ingrid Oliver


Samuel Anderson

samuel anderson panel1

Closingclosing lineup 1

Sunday Mega Panel

Colin Baker, Andrew Cartmel, Peter Davison, Nicola Bryant, India Fisher, Patricia Quinn, Jessica Martin, Fraser Hines and Moderator- Gary Russell

Mega Panel sunday1

Doctor Who stars David Tennant and Matt Smith team up for first ever joint convention appearance

By Huw Fullerton

Yearning to recreate the Doctor Who team-up glory days of The Day of the Doctor? Got several hundred dollars, plane tickets to America and a hotel booking in New York burning a hole in your pocket? Then you’re in luck – because former Doctors Matt Smith and David Tennant will be appearing together for a special convention appearance for the first time ever.

The pair will appear together this April at pop culture convention Wizard World in New York, the first time the two Doctors have attended such a public event together.

Their appearance will include a panel plus photographs with fans and autographs.

Tickets for a photo or autograph start at $150 (£105), while anyone hoping to snap a picture with both Doctors and see everything they’re up to will be looking at $850 (almost £600).

Still, if fans are worried that’s beyond their budget, there’s plenty more Doctor Who stars attending the conference to try your luck with, including Tennant and Smith’s companions Billie Piper, John Barrowman, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, with mutual wife Alex Kingston also popping by for a quick “Hello Sweetie”.

It’s just a great big Tardis reunion really.

I can neither afford to go, nor do I have the time off to go.

The following video is hilarious…

Ce La Vie.


Gally Day 1 – 2016

Well, yesterday got off to rocky start.

I forgot my watch. But I still have my cell for a clock.

Then at 30,000 I remembered I packed the batteries for my Canon Camera, but NOT the camera itself! 😦

Then I get to LAX and the Shuttle is grossly late. It took me nearly 40 minutes to get to the Hotel. I could have walked that.

Then my room wasn’t ready so I’m packing light as I get to the Convention.

Then like all things Doctor Who, things got better.

I got all 4 of my Photo ops done yesterday. So today I have to chase down the autographs to go with them.

3 of them were the very first thing I did (that’s scheduling for you) so I missed Opening Ceremonies for the first, probably ever in the 22 of the 27 Gally’s I have attended.

I enjoyed panels from Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Neve MacIntosh, Michelle Gomez, and Ingrid Oliver.

Then there was a reception (I paid for) with Michelle Gomez, Jamie Mathieson, Jami Reid-Quarrell, Matthew Doman, & Richard Dinnick. I got invited back for Samuel Anderson tonight as he was delayed getting to the convention by work.

I tried to watch the Live Commentary of “Face The Raven” with writer Sarah Pollard but my long caught up with me and I slept through the vast majority of it.

Went back to my hotel room and went to bed.

Gally is always good for me.

Time to be The Seventh Doctor for the day…

Ingrid OliverMichelle GomezSir John HurtJulian Glover

Tennant Part 2

Raleigh VIP Q & A


amongst others.

Gally 1


Arthur Darvill,Billie Piper,Matthew Waterhouse,Nicola Bryant,Richard Franklin,Katy Manning,Fraser Hines, Deborah Watling with Moderator Gary Russell.Tom Price 3Tom Price (PC Andy from Torchwood)

Also there was a panel with Gareth Thomas I went to and also Toby Hadoake did his “My Stepson stole my Sonic Screwdriver” the sequel to “Moths ate my Doctor Who Scarf”.

So many, many panels today…




I ran into several other Doctor Who fans on my day trips before the Convention which was interesting. More than a few people apparently had the same idea I did.

Particularly on the trip to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge and Bath. We had a lunch provided at a restaurant across from the Castle.

Let’s just say I still find it a bit weird (maybe because I’m not English) to find pubs, restaurants and shops right across the street from a Medieval Castle. It’s just a bit weird. The juxtaposition of the old and the news is a bit jarring for me.

But the main ones I talked to were from Texas and they had been in England only a few days but were flying back after the convention as well.

Several others had heard of it. Even the guy from Israel across the table from me had heard of it (he just wasn’t in England for that- he was going to a football match that day (aka soccer)).

Not everyone was aware of the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who.

The Border Security lady who checked me into the country had never no idea it Doctor Who was that old, and she’s English!

So that was an interesting start to my vacation.

Windsor Castle.


A decent overview. I have not had the time to go over all my videos and because of size constraints will have difficulties posting them here. Braveheart, Tegan…


And can I say that Paris traffic is utterly insane. It’s largely organized chaos that every just knows how to deal with.

Imagine you come to a multi-car wide roundabout that has 12 exits to the circle. Guess what’s missing throughout the round about??

FYI: A roundabout is a type of circular intersection or junction in which road traffic is slowed and flows almost continuously in one direction around a central island.

Here’s an aerial shot of the roundabout at the Arc de Triomphe’ which is in the background of my shot.

Notice anything about the traffic?
And just about every roundabout I saw in Paris was this way. But there were no accidents.
There must be rules, I just don’t know what they are.
Yikes! I would never want to drive there.
So the juxtaposition of the modern and the ancient is a weird experience for me at least because we Americans have no ancient things. A few old things but no ancient things so like, driving around D.C. with it’s monuments is nothing compared to a Castle with a grocery story across the street from it (saw that in Caerphilly,Wales).
Though it is hard to see down the street in this picture (on the left side red sign) in the foreground is a drug store.
What would the Normans think… 🙂



The Convention

On Friday November 22nd and 23rd I attended the Official 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Convention held at the ENORMOUS ExCel Center (it has 1 underground station at the east end and 1 at the west end!) in the east London Docklands area.

It was not a short underground ride. And on Friday I was leaving my hotel at rush hour.

Rush hour on the Underground in London is an experience.

Think of a long train packed with people tighter than sardines in a can.No inches to spare. Then when the train stops its the job of the people who are on the train who want to get off to get off before the doors close and its the job of the masses of people on the platform to replace them, and if possible cram even more people on the train all before the doors close again.

All while being very British and mannerly. Because it is expected that the people right up against the doors (and I mean smushed) will step out on to the platform to let the people out then they will step back into the train immediately because then new people will want to get in behind them.

And I missed the first train because the other thing you have to do is be strategic. You have to guess within 3 cars (1 in front of you and 2 on the side) maximum which section of the train of the upcoming train you are going to be able to get into. Because if the doors open and it is packed (and at rush hour it will be) and no one in that car gets off you aren’t getting on so you have dodge to your left or right to the next car.

Mind you there were people already on the platform lining up for those cars to begin with.

Sound like fun, right. Kind of a reverse TETRIS when you have to replace the pieces that get off.

That’s the London Underground at rush hour. 🙂

Well, it took close to an hour to get there, and because of a delay on my part also,I got there literally just minutes before it started on Friday.

The trains on Saturday were much lighter. But still heavy with Doctor Who fans. 🙂

The BBC followed there same model that they had at the 2012 Convention in Cardiff.

A Special Effects show by SFX Supervisor Danny Hargreaves was your check-in point.

He blew up a Dalek on stage.

The Cybermen blow through a breakway door onto the stage. That scared the crap out of me it was so loud (and I was on the opposite end of the hall from it).

The snow machine refused to work on Friday, but did on Saturday.

Then you were left to wander the rest of the convention for a few hours.

I was not the only one who found the map of the convention very confusing.


The biggest square there on the left is NOT the hall your in right now itself it is a map of the big exhibition space (N11-for North 11-it also took up N10) That is to your right . S11 (south 11) entrance is down and to your left, that is where the SFX show was and where the other two shows on the ticket are.

S10 was open to food vendors. It’s right next to the entrance to S11.

The little box on your right (“The Classic Lounge”) is behind you, up 2 fights of stairs and down the hall to your left and then at the end of the hall to your left.

Got it! 🙂

Oh, the Information desk is outside S9 but it doesn’t tell you that on the map.

S9, you see is for the other group.

There were two groups working the same 3 shows but on a staggered time frame. The “Ice Warrior” Group (which I was) and the “Weeping Angels” group. The “Weeping Angels” had there shows in s9  but the exhibition space was the same.

And the Photo Studio isn’t even mentioned on the sign. It was upstairs in the same hallway as the “Lounge” but on the other side and down a bit. I found this out on Saturday.

And don’t ask the untrained twenty-somethings in “Crew” shirts anything. They are more clueless than Sargent Schultz on his best day.

It took 12 monkeys and 2 days to find the Photo Studio. By then my paid for picture with Matt Smith was history.

It may sound by my tone that I didn’t have a good time.

I actually did. These mess up and bureaucratic nightmares aside I did have a good time.

You see, the next show was called “Regenerations” Where you had a “Classic Doctors” panel. Friday it was Colin Baker, Peter Davison and Sylvester McCoy. On Saturday they were joined by Tom Baker.

That was great fun. Tom is every bit the raconteur you’d expect. But other Doctor held there own too, but Tom was clearly the Star attraction.

Then the final show was “The Eleventh Hour” a panel with Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Jenna Cioleman and Producer Marcus Wilson.

Then they left you to your own devices after that.

I was at the Convention in the audience of a panel with Producer Phil Collinson when 5:16pm 11/23/13- 50 years Exactly stuck and everything stopped as the William Hartnell Doctor Who Theme played throughout the hall.

It was magical. Then a big cheer erupted and then we got on with it.

You see the two big yellow squares “Stage 1” and “Stage 2” were for interviews with cast and crew of Doctor Who. Millenium FX had a demo stage. There were props from Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. There were plenty of vendors.

Overall, it was a great experience. Once in a Lifetime. And I was blessed to be able to be there.


The “Ice Warrior” entrance.


Sarah Jane’s Car


Mr. Smith


Millenium FX


Talk show Host Graham Norton


Danny Hargreaves, a Cyberman, and a BIG gun (bigger than the kid from the audience).


Mr. Terrance Dicks (Pertwee Script Editor and book author supreme).

Sitting on the bench outside the Exhibit hall.

Loved it.

I left the convention to go to a party I’d been invited to by Doctor Who author Jeremy Bentham but it was in an English Pub. I don’t drink.

They were going to show the episode on some big flat screens and one big projection screen in the pub. But all the good seats were gone over an hour beforehand.

So I left and went back to my hotel and watch “The Day of The Doctor” on BBC1 at 7:50pm.

Then the “After Party” on BBC3 that was at the British Film Institute. and a special called “The Ultimate Guide.”

It was midnight on Saturday when I went to bed.

I had to get up in the morning and fly home to reality.

What a trip.

A Trip of a Lifetime.