Fear, My Dear

Is the Regeneration coming up in five months, “Planet of the Spiders” 2017?

True, we probably won’t have Giant Spiders themselves.

But consider:

  1. Potentially, The Brigadier as “The Captain” or someone just like him played by Mark Gatiss.

2.The Doctor facing his fear of change and loss of self, BOTH of them.

And that’s especially relevant since he will not only lose his 12th persona but his sexual identity as well and become a Woman.

“Planet of the Spiders” was all about facing your fears and taking responsibility for your actions. The Twelfth Doctor does not want to regenerate. He’s tired of “being someone else”. And The First, well, he’s never done it before and really doesn’t know what will happen.

The Doctor Falls.

“The Clown” and The Woman await them both. Both are unknowns.

While, she is not a wise old Gallifreyan Teacher like K’anpo/Cho-Je is Puddle Bill (don’t know about Heather as of yet) there to shepherd the 12th Doctor into his/her good night. After all, we know she’s in the Special, but  neither Pearl or Moffat said HOW MUCH she was in it. 🙂

Maybe she is Cho-Je in the end, in that sense. There to give him the push. Though he never explained Regeneration to her before she became a Puddle. And he doesn’t even know she’s not a Cyberman to begin with.

Ah, Timey-Wimey Moffat.

A Tear, Bill Potts?

While there’s Life there’s Hope. Sound familiar? 🙂

And what’s more erratic and “shaken up” than being a Woman? 🙂  (that’s a joke, folks…sheesh)

But Modern Who started with a riff of “Terror of the Autons”, does the Male Era of Who end with a riff on the Doctor’s Greatest Fear…Fear, thus Spiders?

For a show all about change and 2000+ year old Time Lord who “will outlive” all his companions does it come down to just plain Fear of change?

We’ll find out in 5 months.





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