Concerned for Fandom

Well, let’s get this out of the way once and for all, ok.

I exist. I am not a Logopolis Mathematical Construct.

I deserve respect.

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Especially from the “enlightened” and “progressive” crowd that considers itself so  forward thinking.

I am not an “asshole” (Thanks Chris Harwick).

I exist, Mr. Moffat.

I am a babel fish.

“Now it is such a bizarrely improbable coincidence that something so mind-bogglingly useful could have evolved purely by chance that some thinkers have chosen to see it as a final and clinching proof of the non-existence of God.”The argument goes something like this: ‘I refuse to prove that I exist,’ says God, ‘for proof denies faith, and without faith, I am nothing.’ ‘But, says Man, the Babel fish is a dead giveaway, isn’t it? It could not have evolved by chance. It proves you exist, and, by your own arguments, you don’t. QED.’ ‘Oh dear,’ says God, ‘I hadn’t thought of that,’ and vanishes in a puff of logic. ‘Oh, that was easy,’ says Man, and for an encore goes on to prove that black is white and gets himself killed on the next zebra crossing.”

And I am not a “sexist” despite whatever justification you wish to place on me to make yourself feel superior and thus care nothing for my feelings. My objection is not based on the silly notion that no Woman could play the part. That is patently silly. Though, in Shakespeare’s time it was true. 🙂


You get caught up in your own head too much.

But WHO am I? To quote The Eight Doctor.

I am a guy who has been a fan of this show for 35 years. It literally save my life when life was very dark and there seemed to be no hope.

I fulfilled a dream in 2013 at The 50th Anniversary Convention in London, I was on the set.

I have been to 25 of 28 Gallifrey Ones and many other Conventions, including 4 in the UK.

I exist. Whether you like it or not.

And I’m worried about fandom.

Back in the mid to late 1980s fandom felt so ‘entitled’ and so catered to by JNT that they were vicious about it.  THeir ownership of what was “right” was deafening sometimes. They claimed they knew how to do it better and that if JNT and The BBC didn’t want to do it that way they’d just shut it down because they could do it better.

Read most any fanzine like Doctor Who Bulletin of the period and they are slagging on the show because it’s not being done the way they want it done.

The ratings didn’t start improving until it was too late.

The biggest difference back then, The BBC, specifically Controller Michael Grade, wanted it dead. They got their wish and fandom went off into the Wilderness Years where the flame of hope and love was kept alive and those fanzines eventually died off.

Then it was re-lit by fans in 2005. And it has never burned brighter.

But the ratings, as they always do, have begun to sag. So it’s time for a “shake-up”.

That is understandable. That’s TV for you. The program, as much as you love it, is merely the space between the commercials and can be replaced with something “new” at any time.

But fundamentally changing the core of the show for Political Correctness is not a great idea.

I know the ‘enlightened’, the “80%” that Mr. Moffat talks about think it’s fantastic. And in the end it very well could be. I still hope so.

But that doesn’t mean I agree with it. It also doesn’t mean I’m an “asshole”, a “sexist” or non-existent.

I deserve better than that. You deserve better than that. The ‘enlightened’ should be better than that.

Diversity is not Exclusion.

The disturbing trend I have seen this week as opposed to last worries me. The “well just go away” crowd. The ones who just want anyone who disagrees with them to just go away and let them enjoy it on their own. Just shut up already.

For people who don’t exist we seem to be rather bothersome. 🙂

This again reminds me of the 1980s. That didn’t end well.

I wish Jodi Whittaker nothing but the best. But the Politically Correct nature of this decision and the attendant backlash from ‘the enlightened’ and ‘progressive’ to aggressively deny that any opposition exist or scratch that, they just go the hell away and don’t express their unwelcomed opinion is troubling.

Diversity is not Exclusion.

Might “the fans” kill the golden goose again? But this time The BBC is on their side unlike in the 1980s? The BBC wants it to succeed. They just signed a big fat contract with China. There is money in them there hills!

Anything is possible. That’s what we like about the show, amongst many other things.

And until July 16th, I thought we were all unified in our love.

But since then, I have seen we are not.

We adapt. We Change.

But why is this so hard?

Why are so many so many so vicious and unkind??

Why do they not act like a Doctor??

As Rodney Dangerfield said, “I get no respect”.

Why is that?

Because you’re a sexist. No, I’m not. I am a traditionalist. Doctor Who is played by a White British Male Actor. The best we can find. That’s just the truth. I know the Politically Correct and Social Justice Warriors in their raging emotions to change everything and “make it better” don’t care who they trample to get what they want because its for the good of all mankind and anyone who gets in their way gets run over as a barbarian and that’s truly sad.

It was the ancient Romans, who by the original definition were barbarians themselves, who first transformed the use of the term. Late in the Roman Empire, the word “barbarian” came to refer to all foreigners who lacked Greek and Roman traditions, especially the various tribes and armies putting pressure on Rome’s borders. There was never a single united barbarian group, and many of the different tribes–including Goths, Vandals, Saxons, Huns, Picts and many more–shifted alliances over the years or fought alongside Roman forces against other barbarian armies. Later scholars would expand on this use of the word when writing about attacks on cultures considered “civilizations” (be it ancient China or ancient Rome) by external enemies who don’t share that civilization’s traditions or structure. 

So I am an uncivilized “barbarian”. And it’s not the first time I’ve been called that. I was working as a Reservations agent for a major hotel chain and a very proper Polish lady called me that when I informed her that she could not use her Polish passport to guarantee a hotel room at our hotel in New York City. So I have literally been there and been that.

And that’s the way I have been treated since the announcement. That is the way Peter Davison and other have been treated since the announcement and the growing disrespect worries me.

Sure, I will always consider the stink eye of Political Correctness on this Doctor, but that’s not her fault. I don’t hold that against her. I think she can do it. That’s not the problem.

But by the same token, I exist. I deserve some respect. I do not, nor does any fan or fandom deserve to say “well, if you don’t like just go away and leave us alone” your opinion is not welcome here. You are  a sexist. You are a bigot. You don’t exist. You are not worthy of our time or recognition.

Diversity is not Exclusion.

That’s just wrong. And does not speak to the wondrous and wonderful fandom of Doctor Who. It speaks to the nastiness of Politics. Of Us Vs Them. Of binary thinking. “I’m right and you’re wrong” and that’s it.

And if you can’t accept that f*uck off!


I love this show too much. It means too much to me.

But you’re wrong. But, as I, have a right to be heard and respected. Fandom should be large enough for that. Tolerant enough for that. Diverse enough for that.

Should it not?

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Or has politics corrupted fandom to the point where binary thinking is all that we have left?

That is truly a place of no hope.

And a place where we need a Doctor.

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So can’t we all just get along?

“Sure. As long as you do and think like us and don’t cause a disruption…”



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