If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It


Let’s all come down from our high horse on the ledge, shall we.

Jodie Whittaker is The 13th Doctor.

Whether you like it or not, as The Sixth Doctor said simply at the end of “The Caves of Androzani”.

I will give her her due process because other than the last few minutes of the Christmas Special she will not be on our screen for at least a year.

So let’s all calm down. Including me. 🙂

I got bashed in the head so many times yesterday I think I have a Stress Disorder. 🙂

That’s a joke, people. Lighten up.

The passion was sure running at a fever pitch yesterday after the announcement.

As I said, I’m not the least bit surprised by it. The BBC’s “bold” new statement is to play to the Politically Correct younger generations rather than old farts like me.

I like tradition. The Politically Correct loath it. They want THEIR views and only their views for they are the righteous and we who disagree The Damned.

I don’t Wonder Woman to suddenly be a Man. I don’t want a Female James Bond. I don’t want Ellen Ripley to be a Man (though I joke about that one).  Sherlock Holmes is a Man. These are the archetypes.

There are certain characters that should just be left the hell alone. To be what they are. Not what some “Diversity” police wants them to be.

I have to wonder, were any of the Pro Female Doctor fans also upset that Wonder Woman was played by an Israeli??  I won’t know the answer to that question, but it does make me wonder (no pun intended).

Andrea Dawn, a person I don’t know from a stranger, said “The problem that I have is that changing from man to woman always creates a dynamic that will underlie every episode: the unexpected character who always shows up and says oh my, she’s a woman, she CAN do it. Perhaps that’s part of the plan, but I don’t think it will work, and honestly, I’m tired of it. We women need to be bolstered for the characters we already have, or create new ones, not redesign old characters to suit current social stigmas.”

And that’s most of my problem. The Politically Correct need to rewrite history to suit their tastes and the rest of you can just lump it.

But Auntie Beeb made an obvious business decision to “shake things up” because the ratings were going down and pandering to the squeaky wheel is an old TV trick I’ve seen a million times in my old age.

A local author/artist here, Scott P. “Doc Vaughn,  also said yesterday (in part) on Facebook, “Did this need to happen? No. Should you be happy this happened? If that is what is important to you, then sure. Am I happy? I think you can gather my judgment on this as it stands. All I am suggesting is that you might think about this from both sides of the issues going forward when screaming for these changes. We don’t need to lose our established heroes just to include any one new faction – there’s room for all and always room for new. All things need balance, even our points of view on the changes we wrestle to bring to great storytelling.”

Binary Thinking is not healthy.

Doctor Who has ALWAYS been about the storytelling. Especially back in the day of the Classic Era when the budgets were bad and the zippers were visible. A lot of the same younger crowd who the Beeb is now pandering to are put off by ‘old tech’. Some aren’t.

So are we going to remake them to make them fit the model of the modern sensibility?

No. But only because of money.

The fact that the hero is a Man shouldn’t matter. Calling the “Diversity Police” to change him to her just because it’s fashionable and trendy is not necessary.

“But co-opting established heroes for one side’s own ends can be just as unfair and unbalanced as what led us there in the first place.” —Scott Vaughn

Can the Politically Correct be tolerant enough and diverse enough to leave some things the hell alone?

Apparently not. That decision has been made.

So the next question is: When does the “oppressed” become the oppressor? When do they go too far in the other direction and their is no balance. No Tolerance. No Diversity. Only their view and nothing else?

“The oppressed, instead of striving for liberation, tend themselves to become oppressors.” “Liberation is thus a childbirth, and a painful one.” … They do not liberate, nor are they liberated: they oppress.”-Paolo Freire


Has that tipping point come yet? Or did we already jump that shark??

Time will tell, it always does.

I wish Chris Chibnall’s team all the best. I harbor no ill will towards his choice of Doctor but I will say that she will be dogged by 2 main things as she fulfills her duties as a Hero For The Ages…

  1. Politically Correct Choice.
  2.  Joanna Lumley (“Curse of the Fatal Death”) a parody written by Stephen Moffat now laid bare on the screen for all to see. I will  not be able to get that image out of my head. That’s a work in progress.

And finally, if she fails to resurrect the ratings (because TV Program no matter how much WE like them are just the things that take up the space between the commercials and if they can get a more profitable one in their most networks will do it) and show goes off the air and their is no 14th Doctor will it be because we were “sexists” or “misogynistic” rather than just the wrong choice (or some other reason).

But we boosted Wimbledon’s ratings though… :),.

I wish it would succeed because Doctor Who, as one who knows me, is everything to me. Literally. It saved my life in my darkest hours (see my first series of blogs at the beginning of this blog) and I will live out however many days I have left with that firmly in my psyche and in my heart.

I want it to out live me. It will break my heart not to see those episodes, but I want future generations to see them. I want them to see the old ones too and not judge them by the Social Standards of their day. I want them to be enjoyed for all time. It deserves it.

Not all change for the sake of it is good. The verdict is out on this one for now.

Time will tell, it always does.

jodie whitaker






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