Not to worry you, but the Daleks are now fully primed to fly into your house and invade your room. Well, at least your bookshelf: a biography of Doctor Who’s greatest tin-pot killers is about to be released.

An illustrated book on the foes from Skaro called – WAIT FOR IT – ‘Dalek’ tells the story of the monsters’ beginnings and the ascent of the ‘supreme race’.

From their Davros-designed genesis in the thousand-year conflict between Thals and Kaleds, to their almost destruction in the Time War and their return to conquest: it’s all in there.

And there’s also plenty Whovians haven’t heard of before, with the book promising tales/comics/diagrams of never-before-seen conflicts through spacetime.

If you can’t wait to get your plunger and whisk on the new hardback then you’ve not got too long to *ANTICIPATE * – it’s out on 26th October.

The bio is welcome news for fans after another Dalek project was recently shelved ­– in a bad way. A crowdfunded film telling the history of the Daleks, called The Undiscovered Daleks, hit various snags including copyright issues according to sources close to the project.

Dalek comes after a crowdfunded film called The Undiscovered Daleks hit a wall following apparent disputes over copyright and other issues. However, director Victor Lewis-Smith is still hoping it will get off the ground eventually.

However, that hasn’t exterminated the documentary – filmmaker and TV critic Victor Lewis-Smith is still determined to get close to the Doctor’s greatest enemies. And if we know anything about the Daleks is that they love a bit of intimacy. Good luck Lewis-Smith.