Now that we have 6 months to wait until the end of the Capaldi era. Let’s talk spinoff.

So we Need a TARDIS…

Image result for american diner TARDIS
So that’s One-Heart Beat from Dead Clara and the Immortal Ashildr/Me.
So we Need a Doctor, but not #13…
Image result for tenth doctor alternate universe
Off to Pete’s World and his “wife” Rose Tyler, Defender of The Earth.
Image result for rose tyler defender of the earth
And they can be a merry TARDIS team. The Half-Human Non-Regenerating Doctor, His plucky Wife, an Immortal Viking, and The Impossible Girl.
They can even meet these two on the way:
Image result for heather and bill doctor who finale
The Puddles, Heather and Bill.
Or, more mundanely:
Related image
Because you always need a Smith on board…
And who actually believes The Master is actually dead…really?  🙂
It’s a star studded extravaganza waiting to happen. Sure to give you the nostalgia feels…
And for good measure throw in a Special Guest Star:
Image result for cyber brig
What’s Doctor Who without The Brigadier!! 🙂

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Doctor Who fan like few others. Also a fan of Science Fiction, Cooking Shows and more.

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