Review: “The Doctor Falls” (Season Finale)

If I have to say SPOILER WARNING again, you’re not paying attention…

doctor falls

That encapsulates the episodes perfectly………………………………………………………………………………

It’s an American Western, filmed in Wales, written by a Scotsman starring as The Man with a Mysterious Name, The Doctor.

The Stranger comes to town. He has a comic relief sidekick who’s brilliant and droll and snarky. They have a technical marvel with them, Bill The Cyberman and 2 shady characters Missy & The Master.

The odds are against them.

Hope is fading.

They have to stand against an army of bad guys. The odds are overwhelmingly not in their favor.

It’s THE ALAMO!!!  (Nardole even mentions it) (if your SJW PC  teacher never mentioned it look it up)

In Wales on a Spaceship orbiting a black hole.

The Doctor goes down swinging like a heroic gunfighter. Like a one man Butch Cassidy with a horde of Cybermen ready to kill him.

It’s Hopeless.

He gives that speech, to The Masters, that he doesn’t do it for kicks or “to win” he does it because it’s the right thing to do. It isn’t the easy way out (which the Masters were taking at the time). He was standing up for his principles. The ones that have developed over 53 1/2 years and 36 seasons.

He’s even acquired a grubby white bag of JELLY BABIES! Good on ya, Doc. 🙂

Like The Alamo, the women and children are secreted out under their noses of the army as the Heroes prepare fight the inevitable losing battle.

Then Heather shows up and “Raven”‘s the whole bloody mess and Bill goes off as puddle not a Cyberman.  Moffat’s Deus Ex Machina strikes again! Maybe because it was done with more style, or because it was in the same episode and not 2 episodes later, it didn’t piss me off quite as much. Bill could have gone down like The Sundance Kid Cybermen, but she didn’t because of Heather. So Lesbians saves the world…How 2017 is that. 🙂

Nardole gets a “wife” (suitor) and kids and a destiny to spend the rest of his days coming up with devious ways to fight off Cybermen. The Licensed Bad Ass for eternity.

Puddle-Bill’s tear brings him back.

The Call backs to other regenerations Davison’s (5th) regeneration was a nice touch though.

The TARDIS brings him home, of sorts.

The Original you might say. 🙂

He meets himself before he ever changed. He doesn’t want to change.

So the Christmas Special will be spent with The First Doctor, played by David Bradley who did an very convincing job of being The Late Bill Hartnell in An Adventure in Space & Time , obviously convincing himself that change is still necessary and good.

Speaking of talking to yourself: The Master and Missy are hilarious together. And yes, on reflection it is the perfect ending for such a character. Her version of The Tenth Doctor Speech to Amelia was well played. She stabs him so he will regenerate into her, and he kills her so she won’t betray everything he believes in.

‘Because he’s right. Because it’s time to stand with him, it’s where we’ve always been going, and it’s happening now, today. It’s time to stand with the Doctor’

John Simm’s Master: F*ck that! 🙂  Hate must win! I am The Master, And YOU will Obey ME!

The Master will be back some day. It will be a clever plan as usual. 🙂

I could have done without the Leftist Political comments, yet again. But hopefully, they will subside with Moffat going away.

Why didn’t they just use the Lift? The Master/Missy Plan later was to use them (but to go down). Rather than the shuttle. A bit too much Ignore the Plot Device in trying to justify not just doing it and going back to the TARDIS like the Mondasians did at the beginning of this 2 parter. Also, the Shuttle takes time too. He did a decent job of it by putting the innocent victims in the heroes path.

“Impossible to get back to The TARDIS”.

Again, much like The Alamo.

But Heather does it. So that’s the quibble. The Get out of Jail Free Card.

Though, I liked the budget saving “Quantum Leap” style Bill/Cybermen. So does that make The Doctor Al Calavicci? 🙂 So does that make Nardole Ziggy?

Wow, though, a lot to decompress. But we have neat 6 months to do so.

Not only is The Doctor on a snowy planet, we fans are now at the beginning of the winter and it’s long way out of the dark.

whovian votex-doctor falls



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