The Long Winter

The Long Winter of our disconnect from Who is almost upon us. For we will be mercilessly teased on Saturday about the Christmas Special and the end that has been prepared for…it will be a long, dark winter of the soul. 🙂

Show runner Steven Moffat tells the new Doctor Who Magazine: “The Doctor is mortally wounded, staggering out of the Tardis into the snow and starting to regenerate.

Peter Capaldi's Doctor

“What you’re seeing is the beginning of the process.”

Michelle Gomez’s final performance is this Saturday. “We both own the character and, for me, it’s just another opportunity to be evil.

“Now I’ve got two heads, rather than one.”

John said: “There’s a line in the final episode where he mentions ‘oldschool’, and I made sure to give the beard a little stroke – a small nod to the old Masters.”

Nardole has to go away.

Not sure if Moffat will “Raven” Bill since he really has no incentive to do so.

It must all end.

Until Christmas when it all will end.

Until it begins again 8 months later.

That’s Doctor Who for ya.

Winter is coming.

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