Has the spoiler obsession finally peaked> Has it gone too far??

IO9: I’m suddenly very miffed that the BBC ended up revealing the news of both the Mondasian Cybermen and John Simm’s return ahead of time. On the one hand, there’s a damn good chance it would’ve leaked anyway, so they got to control it. On the other hand, god, can you even imagine how much crazier this episode would’ve been if you didn’t know either of them were coming? Until the words “Mondas” came on Missy’s computer screen and John Simm ripped off that disguise?

Should they have tried harder to hide both the return of The Modasian Cyberman and John Simm’s Master?

Especially since apparently they filled a lot of this episode out in public (the city scenes) and no one copt to the idea that Razor was John Simm in disguise.

A number of articles, podcasts,  and blogs, and myself included are almost wishing we hadn’t know so much, even though we avoided lot of spoilers.

True, The Cybermen would have been harder to keep under wraps but it seems John Simm did such a good job of disguise I almost feel cheated that they let that cat out of the bag early.

Did the Marketing, trying to get ahead of the curve, throw itself it’s own curve that hurt a spectacular episode because we all knew what was coming, just not how?

I think so.

And that’s fascinating considering the almost MI6 security on the program. I think know ahead of time was not as good as the surprise would have been piecing it together slowly as they put the pieces together.

In this day in age that may have been a task even Hercules couldn’t conquer, but I think they could have put a bit more effort into it.

I mean they kept Bill’s Cyber Conversion a secret. Why not John Simm at least??

Blogtor Who: It really is a crying shame that we live in a world where nothing can be kept a secret. The eventual unmasking would have been oh so sweet if we didn’t already know about John Simm’s return.

I think so.

I didn’t catch on to Razor being the Master until right at the end probably because I was so engrossed with the episode and what was going to happen next that I missed all the cues and foreshadowing that was bopping you on the nose.

But the reveal was very old school WHO. And I loved that. I just wish I hadn’t known ahead of time.

It’s going to be an agonisingly long seven days until Series 10’s last outing, and we’re left with so many questions. Will Bill stay as a Cyberman forever? Has The Master turned Missy back to her wicked ways? Will she side with The Doctor in his final battle? Where do the 2006 and 2013 Cybermen fit into all of this? And just what on Earth (or Mondas) is going to kick-start The Twelfth Doctor’s regeneration?!

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait another week for those answers.

And the trailer didn’t give everything way. But knowing the Lumic/Gaiman Cybermen are somehow involved is going to be a Battle Royale. But would it have been better not to know? That is a question from a by-gone era that maybe we need to keep asking.

We waited for you Doctor…



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