Review: World Enough & Time


Do not under any circumstance read this review if you haven’t seen the episode.

I’m not kidding!!!

Not Kidding at all….

You have been warned.

You also have been wound up, by The Master (pun intended) of the Wind Up.

The pre-credits sequence is a wind up with the Doctor coming out of the TARDIS and regenerating or at least refusing to do so. Then the Title roles.

The we cut to the colony ship reversing from a Black hole.

A ship full of Humans. But they are not Homo Sapiens as we know them.

Missy comes out of the TARDIS as “Doctor Who” and tries to convince her companions/assistants/pets “Exposition” and “Comic Relief” that The Doctor’s real name is “Doctor Who”.

After all, this is the same Steven Moffat who wound you up in “The Name of The Doctor” with the idea that he was actually going to tell you.

The Moff Lies. And he’s winding you up again.

Then Bill is killed. (also known as “Exposition” by Missy).

Then she’s saved.

Then she is made stronger by her new friends at the other end of the temporally messed up ship.

She distrusts Miss, but her new Friend Razor is a Leopard of the same spot but she doesn’t know that until it’s too late.

Oh, did I mission, that they are humans on this ship. But NOT Terran Humans.

They are Mondasian Humans. A Colony ship from Mondas, the Tenth Planet. They are originally from our Solar System.

“Full conversion wasn’t necessary, though it will be in time.” So, pucker up!

It’s Stephen’s Version of:


The pain and suffering of generations of people at the bottom of the ship, farthest from the black hole, who used to have lots hope and are desperate for salvation. So desperate in fact that they lose their humanity (Mandasity?) in the process.

He may lose the Modern Era fans. But  Classically trained Doctor Who addicts like myself were in heaven.


This is why I have always been much more fascinated by The Cybermen, because they are us. We could be them. We still could. The body horror envisioned by Dr. Kit Pedler and brought to the screen by Gerry Davis is so much more likely than the Daleks.

The Cybermen, especially, these Cybermen, the Classic Era ones, are super creepy and super disturbing.

When the Mondasian Doctor in charge of Conversion show Bill the Cybermen’s Trademark Handles on the headpiece and says it’s their to take away the perpetual pain that was really unsettling, but gave me that fanboy tingle nonetheless.

The Cybermen have always been my favorites. Making them Alternate Universe dopplegangers created by John Lumic, a barking mad loon bag just didn’t do them the justice they deserved when they returned in the Modern Era.

Sure, they are sleeker, meaner, cooler looking, but the soul was missing.

This week, you got to see the soul with a preview of next week where 2 Masters, a Doctor and 2 Universes of Cybermen go out in a blaze of glory and death. A battle royal for the ages.

Now that’s a Season Finale. And another wind up about Capaldi’s Regeneration.

Oh, it’s true to Classic Master form, Bills new friend is someone in disguise , a former Prime Minister of Britain- Harold Saxon! (though no Mondasian would understand that)  AKA The Master (Very Reminiscent of Ainley’s Master who revealed in disguises) and he’s worried about his Future while heralding the future forward.

The Genesis of The Cybermen.

Stephen obviously couldn’t use that title, even though everyone and their brother new the Cybermen were in this episode. And not just any Cybermen, but the Originals- The Mondasians who cut away all their useless parts to make themselves stronger and to survive.

So was this Colony ship on the way to Mondas, which was destroyed, before or after? Before or after it left the solar system?

For these Mondasians come up with the same solution as the ones on the actual Planet did. But that could easily be The Master’s doing.

Now, Bill the Cybermen looks like she’s toast for the Chibnall years. But The Doctor has a New Cybermen as a Companion rather than just a head (Handles). So everything will be fine. Except his emanate Regeneration that is…

And Missy is hardly going to be “good” in front of her/himself now is she? She literally has both The Devil and The Angel in front of her, only the Devil is HER and The Angels is her oldest friend. What a dilemma.

And the Angel may yet fall. 🙂

But this is the same Moffat who couldn’t “Face The Raven” but after next week he has only 1 story left to tell, and that’s The End.

So what does he have to lose.

Going to be a very anxious week, isn’t it? 🙂

Sweet Dreams.




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