Review: Pyramid at The End of The World

Obviously: Spoiler Warning


Good episode, but it suffers much more than last episode from “set up” syndrome.

This episode is a set-up for Episode 9, The Pay off. So it doesn’t really go anywhere until the end.

The Reckless Doctor’s action again get him in trouble. He is supremely overconfident and is humbled by a simple tumbler lock.

Something simple will end the world.

Good to know since Global Warming is such BS.

While ruling through fear may be temporary, it works very well and is used constantly. Fear is Love, is a very orwellian thing to say. But given the preview of next week’s episode it kinda fits.

So Bill, out of love for the Doctor, dooms the world. Then expects him to fix it.

There’s that overconfidence again.

Love as weakness to be exploited. Gee, no politician has ever thought of that. 🙂

Also, NO UNIT?!! Really…

But as I said at the beginning this episode has “set-up” disease like no episode has in a long time. It’s all 40+ minutes of distraction as a set-up.

The episode is fairly upfront about the fact that everything going on in Turmezistan is a decoy for the real story unfolding at Agrofuels Research Operations, with the Doctor’s opening monologue in the TARDIS indicating that somehow, someway, Erika’s broken reading glasses and Douglas’ hangover are going to unleash something terrible. There’s a tradeoff to that choice: While every scene in the lab picks up a sense of building, slowly ratcheted dread and doom, there’s little momentum to what’s going on back at the pyramid. (AV Club)

Conquered by invite, rather than war. Much like Political Correctness really. But let’s not get too political today, shall we.

And the prospect that Nardole is dead on the TARDIS console floor. Only he’s seen in the trailer for next week, so again, set-up. He couldn’t be available for the Doctor in his moment of crisis.

The ordinary becomes the crisis.

Lab worker with a hangover miscalculates his sums and a bio plaque that could wipe out the planet is born.

The Doctor saves this part of the day, but his blindness causes Bill to consent to the destruction of humanity out of love. That was his mistake.

But humanity is still around in the trailer.

So yet, again, “set-up”.

This is like watching the first half of an episode and having to cut it off in the middle and come back later.

The Doctor managed to beat the Monks while completely blind and mere minutes to spare. Don’t lose sight of that: The Doctor had won. He had saved the world, just as the 10th Doctor had defeated Rassilon and sent Gallifrey back to hell. He’s defeated in the smallest, most personal of ways, undone not by the complex machinations of the Monks but by a simple combination lock, a piece of technology too simple for the sonic screwdriver to help him with. He’s also defeated by his own hubris and refusal to tell others what is wrong with him, as Erika could have anticipated the problem with the lock if she had only known he was blind. It’s a resolution that mixes mundane bad luck with the Doctor’s own character flaw. It’s perfect.

And Capaldi does it brilliantly.

So I really can’t rate this story since it’s like rating a book on the prologue alone.

So let’s see what happens next week then.

But as another person once said, “Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste”. 🙂




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