Extremis Reviewed

Do I really need to say that this a Spoiler Warning!?


“The Android Invasion” (1975) and “The Matrix” cross and have a baby called Extremis.

The Doctor, blind, receives a download from his simulated self (quite how is one nagging problem for me in the episode) but you don’t know that until the end. Hence, the Matrix-style ending.

We open with “the thing” that “happened” and because of that “thing” he is guarding a vault.

Turns out many pundits were correct, It was MISSY! She was supposed to have been executed on this faraway planet by these I-dont-remember-being-named-aliens who needed another of her race to execute her (quite why made no real sense).

The Doctor and Missy, along with Michelle Gomez and Peter Capaldi, shine in this brilliant scene that also has the comically villainess making fun of her supposed death.

“I agree to guard the body for a thousand years. ” He just didn’t mention that he fiddled with their equipment so it didn’t kill her.

“I’ve just be executed. Show some respect”–Missy

Thus she is in the vault. Guarded by him.

Reminiscent of the “Last of The Time Lords” where John Simms Master refused to be shut into the TARDIS by the Doctor.

I wonder what he will think of The Vault? 🙂

Then Bill has a date. It’s a nice scene. Her lesbianism is played for normal, as it should be, and not shouted from the rooftops with fireworks and a 50 piece brace band and Katie Perry signing “look at me I’m a lesbian in Doctor Who!!”. Thank goodness. The restraint is appreciated.

So she’s trying to have a normal date when that noise, that groaning asthmatic lion/elephant noise, comes from her bedroom.

Then the Pope walks out of her bedroom! Spewing Italian!


But another, nag: HELLO!!! TARDIS TRANSLATION CIRCUITS!  Or did they lose the Italian file after “Masque of Mandragora”??

Peter Capaldi, the Reckless Doctor, continues to excel.

The Monks are creepy, but we don’t have enough information on them yet. They remind me of The Silence.

Where this becomes “The Android Invasion” is that the Aliens are running a simulation to study the people they want to invade and conquer and The Doctor (in this case the Simulated one) is the one to oppose it but in the end just uploads it to his real world counterpart.

Veritas, “The Truth”. The world is only a simulation and all the people merely programmed computer bytes.

Very “Matrix”. The world you see is a lie.


The real Truth is that this was a cracker of an episode. Easily the best of the season so far and as I predicted, The Vault is a Moffat Re-direction of sorts. Oh, it is important, but it’s THAT important,as in the main arc. That’s something else entirely. So this was the early series bait for the bigger fish, possibly The Monks, to come swimming in.

I cracked up every time Nardole had to cover for the Doctor’s blindness by describing what was in front of them. That was a new bit for Who, and a bit comical that lightened up the scene. Nardole had a lot more depth and character development in this episode. And The Doctor apparently didn’t “just but him back together again” since he has license to kick The Doctor’s ass from his late wife, River.

I will miss Peter. I will miss Michelle.


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