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Peter Jackson Revisited

Departing Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat has for the first-time questioned whether Sir Peter Jackson would have been a good fit for the long-running sci-fi franchise.

In an interview with Britain’s Empire magazine, the 55-year-old showrunner, who is leaving the BBC series at the end of 2017, admitted that while he might have been disappointed that he could never realise Jackson’s dream to helm an episode of the series, he wondered whether the Kiwi director might have been frustrated by the way the show operates.

“How much of Peter Jackson’s trademark brilliance would still be visible in a show like Doctor Who where, frankly the showrunner will often recut it all?”

Jackson has long expressed a desire to direct an episode of Doctor Who, which was first broadcast in 1963.  In late 2015, he posted a video on his Facebook page featuring current Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi entitled Home Invasion.

Earlier, he had told the Doctor Who producers to name a time and place for him to direct an episode after 11th Doctor actor Matt Smith suggested it in 2012. That Christmas Jackson, who worked alongside Moffat on The Adventures of Tintin in 2011, met with the showrunner to discuss the idea. Later in, 2013, Jackson told Entertainment Weekly he’d waive his usual fee and direct Doctor Who for a gold Dalek prop.

Moffat, a life-long fan of Doctor Who, who took over the show in 2009, has been criticised for many things during his time in charge, including making the show “too scary for children” and  overcomplicating and changing The Doctor’s backstory.

Broadchurch‘s Chris Chibnall takes over as boss after this year’s Christmas Special, which is also likely to reveal the 13th Doctor – the replacement for outgoing actor Peter Capaldi.

 – Stuff NZ