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Review: “Oxygen”

Well…Well…Well…They put their foot in it this time. I bet they don’t even know it either.


Let’s talk about the episode itself first.

Excellent 8/10. What we expect from Jamie Matheison. Really nice horror episode. Dead Men (and women) walking…Literally.

As the Doctor said, “fighting The Suits”. 🙂

Great episode.

The Doctor was EXCEPTIONALLY Reckless on this one. He did win in the end, but at a price. A Price no Doctor has paid short of a regeneration. His still a ways off though.

He let his curiosity and his sense of “doing right” and showing off for his student to the point it really nearly got her killed.

He was dangerously reckless. So we’ll have to see how that effects the rest of the series with The Blind Doctor.

He was so cavalier. Nardole and then Bill were like, “ah, Doctor…” to no avail. He just kept on going like a bull in a china shop, only he kept knocking down the furniture until he solved the riddle.

“I’m bound to be right eventually” is a very reckless thing to do. And I think it underscores the foundation of  this Doctor, he’s an arrogant, reckless, show off.

He was reckless with Clara. She was reckless right along side him. Bill is not reckless, but she is the victim of his recklessness.

Now how will that be going forward?

Plus, we are supposed to learn about the contents of the Vault next week. So the Blind Doctor meets the Vault. Can’t be good.

Overall, a fine episode with lots of suspense and “how is going to get outta this one” and he doesn’t, really, in the end.


If you are easily offended, especially by people who aren’t mindless zombie Leftist this I suggest you exit the review now for your own protection. Thank you.

  1. Did Nardole really have to say “Some on my best friends are blue?” REALLY? Seriously…UGH!
  2.  I did find calling Bill a racist because she reacted badly to a Blue person ironic. But I guess that was my “white privilege”. 🙂
  3. “Everyone says it’s not their fault. Well, yes it is your fault”–The Doctor. But The Left is SPECTACULARLY engrossed in nothing ever being their fault. Nothing. It’s always someone else’s fault. James Comey, You Tube Videos, An email server, “pee privilege”, ad nauseum. So to see the Doctor admonish people for it was funny.
  4. “When human life has no value”–The Doctor. Jamie Matheison said this was the core of the episode. My first thought was ABORTION, and all the millions of babies who were no valued over the last 50+ years. Mind you, I know they were just doing the talking point about soulless corporations but the irony will be lost on them.
  5. Speaking of souless, how about The Left unbridled hated for corporations, but their undying love for Government Control of everything. So soulless bureaucrats are so much better than soulless capitalists?? Really???
  6.  What’s the difference between  Evil Capitalists controlling whether you live or die and Government Bureaucrats controlling who lives and who dies (GOVERNMENT Health Care). Who is worth saving and who is “too expensive”?? Leftist Sanctimony.  You still are not in control, dearie.
  7. So who is more likely to have a tax on Oxygen, the Left or The Capitalist? BOTH. But since The Left is obsessed with find new ways to tax people into the poor house so they can be dependent on the Government for everything and The Capitalist would have to stop if it was less than profitable…Advantage Leftists! After all, California wants to tax space going companies for using their air space!! AIR SPACE!
  8. So they “find a whole new way to make mistakes”–The Doctor. I think they already have. They just don’t know it yet… 🙂
  9. and finally, I want to thank the Writer and Mr Moffat for the neck ache I got when I was bitch-slapping several time with a nail encrusted 2X4 to the head on “racism”. About as subtle.

But that again, is probably my racist, homophobic, transphobic,homophobic, White Privilege talking.

The Irony of it all, is I’m sure in their sanctimony they have no idea just how much hypocrisy was in that episode. So pat yourself on the back for another wonder SJW moment and forget about the 800-lb Gorilla who is laughing his ass off AT you for it.

IGN: There’s an undercurrent of humanism that hits particularly close to home for anyone following the current debate regarding health care in the U.S. Here we have the Doctor arguing for the common man and his basic rights, which can easily be read as a health care parallel. “The end point of capitalism!” says Capaldi in that breathless Capaldi way. “The bottom line where human life has no value at all. We’re fighting an algorithm, a spreadsheet — like every worker everywhere! We’re fighting the suits.”

Indeed, as these space miners become inefficient in their work, the system — the algorithm, the suits — decides that they are better off replacing them wholesale than letting them continue to breathe the air that the system is paying for. It’s too expensive to let them live; and so they must die. Does needing to breathe count as a pre-existing condition?

The LEFT is the one that let the Government Elephant in the tent and he’s never, ever leaving, you know. And he gets to decide who lives and who dies, who is “too expensive”, who is “not worthy” (like seniors). Meanwhile, all the rich people and the bureaucrats sit pretty, immune from it all. Congratulations, you made a “new mistake” and you don’t even know it. 🙂

Thank you. 🙂