Episode 4 Review: Who’s There

Knock, Knock…

Who’s There?

The Doctor…

Doctor Who? 🙂

Yes, that joke was inevitable.

But It also serves as the SPOILER WARNING Buffer…

Yes, Knock Knock was good. Real good.


The Doctor was on very fine form tonight. I love this more comedic and darkly eccentric Doctor.

“Don’t Be scared…It doesn’t help…”

He just can’t resist a mystery. It’s like a moth to a flame.

Of course a Huge 1930’s grand mansion is for 6 University Students is going to be a trap!! 🙂

My first University apartment certainly was. It had a lounge and little cafe bar on the complex. The rooms were spacious by Central Michigan standards and it was only 2 miles from campus.

We moved in. The cafe closed almost immediately and never reopened. The neighbors were so drunk they punched holes in the walls when they got locked out. Or you’d find the door laying on the stairs. You had people who thought grilling INDOORS was a good idea.

Within months we had to move to another wing of the building because it was condemned by the County Health Department. They never told the USPS we had moved.

It was a lovely year.

But at least the building wasn’t a fast food place that had us on the Menu every 20 years!

Talk about being eaten out of house and home. With the home doing the eating.

And the Doctor asking like a wacky “grandfather” who just won’t go away because he smells trouble.

Peter Capaldi’s darkly comic timing is superb. Much better than the “Am I a Good Man?” 1st series. Genuinely, I don’t want you to go Peter.

David Suchet was genuinely creepy.

Bill was wonderfully written again, taking the piss out of  “Time Lord” as posh and stuffy, which they are. They even handled the whole lesbian thing so much better than the 2X4 to the head SJWs on the internet. It was a nice scene but you n=knew who was next on the menu with all that clowning around…

I genuinely baffled by The Vault. He’s been guarding it for decades because “a thing happened” but at the end of the episode he stoles in there like he’s at The Signing Towers of Darillium not guarding a “thing” from the universe or the world.

Methinks this is a massive rube goldberg by Mr. Moffat who says that he will reveal what it means in Episode 6, which means there is a massive misdirection coming soon.

Especially, when the who regeneration things is just so casually mentioned and dumped faster than something CNN doesn’t want anyone to talk about. 🙂

But never put it past The Moff to do the twist.

The tragedy of a little boy who plays at being the father of his mother because he can’t bare to lose her. His grief and fear are a personal plague on the people every 20 years, unlike the emojibot Vardi from the second episode or the giant Anglerfish in last episode. Or for that matter the Pilot, the girl who just wanted to run away from everything.

He wants to run away from the mother of the his mother so badly that he has become psychotic.

I must say my mothers death hit me very hard in 2010. And all this talk of “Mother’s Day” is a sore reminder of it. But, fortunately, I don’t have any alien bugs.

It was a heart felt, creepy, little horror story not unlike Psycho where The Landlord is Norman Bates and the Wooden Mother is still alive but not living.

Kudos to the petrified Eliza (Mariah Gale) for a great performance.

A Horror, fantasy, fairy tale (complete with hidden “castle” Tower and the maiden within), with alien sci-fi bugs.

God, I love this show!!

But I still have one question. When the house disintegrated did it take all the bugs with it? Did it take all their stuff too?

Now some other notes: A big Boo Hiss to the BBC

We’ll start with a reference that wasn’t – in this month’s Doctor Who Magazine, the episode’s writer Mike Bartlett revealed that Bill’s friend Harry is actually the grandson of Harry Sullivan, companion to the fourth Doctor from 1974 to 1975. Sadly, Harry Sullivan wasn’t the grandfather who tried to steal a piece of the Great Wall of China with his boyfriend, and the Powers That Be decided that ‘in 2017, people might not remember one companion from 40-odd years ago, so it got cut.’



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