Review: Episode 3 On Thin Ice

Need I say it: SPOILERS!

Well, I was prepared to hate this episode because of all the PC hype it was getting. And for me to hate an episode of WHO is nearly unheard of because there is always some redeeming quality to it.

And I didn’t hate it. I thought it was simplistic, really. The Doctor and Bill end up at the 1814 Frost Fair where the Thames has frozen over and an even business mogul is exploiting what appears to be a giant Anglerfish chained up in the Thames so he can exploit it for fuel.

Boo Hiss. 😦

But it wasn’t all bad. The Doctor was excellent in this one. Bill continues to ask those “questions no one has asked” by challenging him on his seemingly somewhat cavalier attitude to a boy dying by a swarm of anglerfish creating a hole in the ice and dropping him into the Thames.

A good scene. But very heavy handed. But it was made up for later when The Doctor puts the weight of responsibility for humanity and its future, not to mention the Anglerfish, in Bill’s hands and maybe, just maybe, some of the fire was tempered by reality.

But my point about making a big deal about race in this episode (waving big flags about it beforehand “look at us” begs the question when you had Martha Jones and Shakespeare 200 years before this and nary a word was said about it. Not has any “historical” Who really ever even bothered.

It makes it seemed forced and that’s what it does feel like to me. But then again, being a staunch anti-PC type that may just be MY perception of it.

So I didn’t hate this episode, but I think it was bit thin on plot and fell flat because it was trying to be earnest.

Evil greedy corporate Lord who just wants to perpetuate his families fortunes at the expense of some human fish food. An exploited creature chained up in the River (still don’t know what the pitch line about The Thames looking like a snake meant) and “whiteness” and “racism” punched on the nose you bad people…

Whoever thought we’d be applauding Doctor Who for killing off a child before 8pm? What strange people we are.-  Radio Times


thin ice

So does that mean the Left is going to value unborn babies as more than just “lumps of cells” because it’s a life and we need to value life over industry. A life without privilege??

Naw. This is just sanctimony that makes them feel good.

Thus, Of the 3 episodes so far this by far the weakest episode yet.



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