S10 E01: The Pilot Reviewed

Solid 7/10.  WARNING: Since this is a Review…Spoilers ahead!


I liked it. It wasn’t very flashy, or very dramatic. It was very low-key. It was in essence what Mr Moffat said, a Pilot… a reboot of sorts.

You start out with probably one of the most low-key, almost normal, and talkative opening scenes in Modern Who. Just the Doctor interrogating, for his own interest, a lunch lady Bill Potts. He just wants to know why a non-student is showing up to his lectures and he has that Doctor-curious vibe.

He’s being enigmatic as usual.

But he’s more into her mind than being a companion, that comes later. Right now, he just spots talent and wants it to grow.  He’s “grandfather” and mentor all over again.

She leads him to the mystery. It doesn’t come to him.

And she is a sci-fi aware person so she’s hip to many things, like mind wipes and such, that previous companions weren’t.

She a bit like the lesbian Rose.

And for all the trumping and “hey look me” SJWs that flooded the Internet for the last little while this story was not making the big deal out of it that the SJWs were. For that I am grateful. It was just part of the story and the structure of it. Nothing to mad about it and make a big scene about it.

A lonely girl who doesn’t like herself much but is enamored with Bill as Bill is with her, and always wants to run away gets possessed by an alien and becomes a water creature (a Pilot 🙂 ) that is obsessed with the last thing she remembers, Bill.

The effects with our Water Pilot were excellent, but “The Waters of Mars” just kept slapping me in the brain the whole time and that was a bit distracting. But I am a super fan, not your average viewer. If you were one of those you may not remember that episode from 8 years ago. And if you were new to Who you surely didn’t know.

She tempts Bill to join her. She doesn’t. It’s sweet and well written. It’s not in your face like the SJWs were. I wonder if they were disappointed?

But Bill still has a lot to overcome with me because of all of this and her “non-white” casting quota. She’s still more a statement than a character. But she made progress today.

I did like the fan service in this episode.

The Movellans make a cameo in this episode. But, both They and The Daleks seem almost an afterthought to the plot rather than a part of it. This did feel disjointed. I know it was to fit in the intro scene broad cast last year but i’m not sure that worked all that well. I wonder what someone who didn’t recognize that scene thought?

The pictures of The Wife, and kid on the desk were a nice touch.

river and susan

Overall, a nice quite, subdued opening to the series. I enjoyed it, but it was slightly spoiled by all the SJW drama in the intervening months and that’s the sad part of it all.

See also: https://www.wired.com/2017/04/doctor-who-the-pilot-douglas-adams/

the pilot




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