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Review: Episode 3 On Thin Ice

Need I say it: SPOILERS!

Well, I was prepared to hate this episode because of all the PC hype it was getting. And for me to hate an episode of WHO is nearly unheard of because there is always some redeeming quality to it.

And I didn’t hate it. I thought it was simplistic, really. The Doctor and Bill end up at the 1814 Frost Fair where the Thames has frozen over and an even business mogul is exploiting what appears to be a giant Anglerfish chained up in the Thames so he can exploit it for fuel.

Boo Hiss. 😦

But it wasn’t all bad. The Doctor was excellent in this one. Bill continues to ask those “questions no one has asked” by challenging him on his seemingly somewhat cavalier attitude to a boy dying by a swarm of anglerfish creating a hole in the ice and dropping him into the Thames.

A good scene. But very heavy handed. But it was made up for later when The Doctor puts the weight of responsibility for humanity and its future, not to mention the Anglerfish, in Bill’s hands and maybe, just maybe, some of the fire was tempered by reality.

But my point about making a big deal about race in this episode (waving big flags about it beforehand “look at us” begs the question when you had Martha Jones and Shakespeare 200 years before this and nary a word was said about it. Not has any “historical” Who really ever even bothered.

It makes it seemed forced and that’s what it does feel like to me. But then again, being a staunch anti-PC type that may just be MY perception of it.

So I didn’t hate this episode, but I think it was bit thin on plot and fell flat because it was trying to be earnest.

Evil greedy corporate Lord who just wants to perpetuate his families fortunes at the expense of some human fish food. An exploited creature chained up in the River (still don’t know what the pitch line about The Thames looking like a snake meant) and “whiteness” and “racism” punched on the nose you bad people…

Whoever thought we’d be applauding Doctor Who for killing off a child before 8pm? What strange people we are.-  Radio Times


thin ice

So does that mean the Left is going to value unborn babies as more than just “lumps of cells” because it’s a life and we need to value life over industry. A life without privilege??

Naw. This is just sanctimony that makes them feel good.

Thus, Of the 3 episodes so far this by far the weakest episode yet.



Game day

Doctor Who 2048

Oh Please…

When you read this from the Radio Times, think Martha Jones…Shakespeare…then wonder Why? And now it’s just SJW bitchiness and I’m glad Steven Moffat is going. I was a staunch defender of Moffat, sometime irrationally, until recently. And this kind of thing makes me angry and I don’t like being angry at my favorite show.

Doctor Who series 10 episode 3 sees the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and new companion Bill (Pearl Mackie) take their first journey back in time together, visiting Regency London at the time of the last great Frost Fair and meeting a giant fish for an adventure called Thin Ice.

However, it’s not all fun and games, with mixed-race character Bill concerned about how her ethnicity will affect historical figures’ reactions to her (especially considering slavery is “still totally a thing”, in her words), while also discovering that the past was slightly more diverse than she expected.

Martha never worried about it 200 years earlier. Sarah Jane never worried about in Medieval Times. Amy and River in Roman Times (written by Moffat).

Now, series showrunner Steven Moffat has revealed why he and episode writer Sarah Dollard decided to engage with race so robustly in the story, saying they “didn’t see an alternative” to tackling the subject head-on. 

Oh, there was an alternative, but being preachy is all the rage…Did they discuss The Doctor’s White Privilege too?

“History is always white washed,” Moffat told, (Mostly be Liberals) in words that are echoed by Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in the episode. “How do we manage to have a diverse cast despite that? The way that we did it was … [to just] say that you will see people of different colours there. 

“In fact, there were. People all didn’t arrive in the twinkle of an eye. It is bending history slightly, but in a progressive and useful way.” 

Not really. Pandering and self-serving sanctimony…

“Also, it wouldn’t be a pleasant place for [Bill] in several respects,” Moffat went on, referring to the racist attitudes of certain characters who appear in the episode.

Martha and Shakespeare’s England anyone?

“Taking that on is just respectful of the audience really. It’s a chance to – I’m always reluctant to sound so pious and so do-gooding and all of that. It’s useful that these things are talked about. The evil in Doctor Who can sometimes be the evil in our real world, too.”

How about the evil of Orwellian Fascist Liberals? 🙂

When they watch the episode, we’re sure many fans will come to the same conclusion. 

I just hope I can watch it and not barf from the false sanctimony…That’s on Thin Ice…

Deleted Pilot Scene



Official Ratings- Episode 1

fficial figures released by the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board or BARB, gives Doctor Who – The Pilot an official rating of 6.68 million viewers.

The rating includes all those who recorded the programme and watched it within 7 days. It is over 2 million higher than the initially reported overnight figure.

Doctor Who is the tenth most watched programme for the week, the highest chart position for a non-Christmas episode since Listen in 2014.

Smile 2: The Sequel Review

Or else.

Be happy.

Or else.

You know how sometimes you run into people online that end every sentence in ‘LOL,’ no matter how toxic the statement? Imagine those comments as flesh-eating nanobots. (Houston Press)

That single line in that review put mine to shame. And why I’m back to it because that is part and parcel of this episode.  🙂

If language is boiled down to just emojis we are in big trouble. 😦

Because, like the Vardi who were programmed to make sure everyone was happy (Helen A of Terra Alpha hopefully didn’t) and when you forgot to tell them about grief 😦 they get it murderously wrong.

As many people do with emojis. I know this first hand because I’m an extremely sarcastic person in real life and sarcasm is one of the hardest things to convey in an emoji 😦 because its complex and not straightforward.

So a lot of times it gets lost in translation.

Is it

and who decides. And you’re wrong do you convey the wrong message.

And if you convey the wrong message does the instigator of the message know that?

Now imagine an entire world constructed on nanbots like that. Well, you get…

🙂  🙂  :0 :/ ;/ :> >:)

Ep2- Smiles Reviewed

This episode is so much better than the author first attempt at WHO.

This was right great episode really. Though “happy” bots did continuously remind me of “The Happiness Patrol” episode just with robots. Be happy or else…

The idea that emoji’s would be the surviving language. That robots don’t quite have the interpretative powers we want them to have. But yet again, machines become life. But not as we truly thought we knew it.

Matt Lucas’s Nardole is a non-issue in this episode as he only has 1 scene and a few line and he’s off. And he obviously won’t be in the next one.

So I am beginning to wonder what Moffats grand plan for Nardole is because so he’s a non-starter.

I like the way Bill thinks sci-fi geeky. Its a bit more charming. The Doctor is really now the crazy old mad Professor.

She wonders why HE has to step into the situation and she calls he out for it. He denies it but we all know it’s true.

Its a refreshingly nice twist on the usual Doctor-Companion warm up as they feel each other out.

He just casually mentions that he has two hearts like it doesn’t even matter and Bill had to take that on board.

The grand vista of Valencia’s building helps the story along.

We try and figure out what happened to the people and why the bots have gone murderous.

Turns out it was just there programming. They were programmed to make sure you were happy. Problem is, you forgot to program them for the darker and less-happy emotional reactions of humans.

A human error that turns murderous.

Someone forgot to tell the bots about death and the grief that comes from it.

So they make the logical assumption that if this grief thing makes humans sad it must be eliminated for them to be happy. Problem is, that eliminates the humans.


So this story was quite deep and profound, which one cannot say about “Forest of The Night”.

The Vault. Who has Moffat got in the Vault.

The Doctor has promised to do something his 3rd Incarnation was forced to do, stay on Earth for an extended period of time. But he’s doing it on the sly and UNIT isn’t wise to it?

Who could make the Doctor promise to stay on Earth for decades and teach classes at a University??

There better be a pay off for that, Moffat. I’m sure there will be, one last grand Moffat arc, eh?

So Pertwee era confinement (more or less) to Earth, Mondasian Cybermen, 2 Masters (or is one a very uncharacteristic Rani), and possibly the 1st Doctor all to come.

A Classic Who extravaganza…To bad Roger Delgado if he’d lived would have too old for “I am the Master and you will Obey me” it would be like old home week…