Episode 12

I saw an article, but could find it again, about what if Capaldi regenerated in the final 2-Parter this season with the Mondasian Cybermen?

I thought that was intriguing. Since after all, The First Doctor regenerated after meeting them 51 years ago in The Tenth Planet.

But it just a stunt to think like that. Because then you have Moffatt’s last episode, the 2017 Christmas Special (usually filmed in July or such) for a Post-Regeneration episode, ala The Christmas Invasion and is that really the proper way to end The Moffat Era?

I think not. As good an idea as it is, it’s timing is bad. Now if the Mondasians were coming back for Christmas instead, then I could see it.

The logistical, and press/fan nightmare of this idea is too hideous because they would have to unveil the 13th before Capaladi’s last season, ala Matt Smith in 2009 and I don’t see that occurring.

Nice idea. But wrong timey-wimey.



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