Matt Smith Titan Year 3

Just read the first 2 issues of Year 3 of The Eleventh Doctor. The new writer is so much better at capturing the tone of this Doctor.

I enjoyed these two issue way m ore than the entirety of Year Two.

Though, river was not in the first episode, though she was on the cover…


Actually looking forward to getting more of them, for once.

Commentary from Rob Williams

“If you’ve been alive for a 1000 years, there’s a power in that: all those experiences. All that knowledge. That’s something we’re exploring in Season 3 of the Eleventh Doctor. He’s already the smartest being in the universe, but add everything he’s seen and done to that and you suddenly have an extraordinary treasure trove of intel. That’s something that makes The Doctor’s mind an attractive target for certain people.

It also brings home, once again, that he is not human. Despite his appearance. And that’s a theme we’re exploring in the new season. Alice Obiefune, his companion in the Eleventh Doctor comics, is very human. A brave, determined library assistant from Hackney. But what would happen if someone combined both their experiences into one being?

You are the sum of your memories, a Time Lord more so. 🙂



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