Day One – Gally 2017

Ok, when is it going to freaking stop raining! I mean seriously. It was a freaking hurricane this morning walking the 2 blocks to the Convention Hotel. (I’m not in the Convention Hotel because I couldn’t take the day off needed to be there when the room sold out fast).

Fortunately, I have functional Cosplay.


That umbrella was godsend. 🙂

I may have to do the same one over again today (which I have never done) because they say it is supposed to rain again… 😦

Well, after making making my way through the Hurricane to the hotel and registering I ventured into the Dealers room which had only opened just recently and found that several of the Guests were signing autographs already!

Yeah. I knocked out 3 right then and there. Paul McGann, Lalla Ward and Louise Jameson in the first 20 minutes! Yeah!!

Then I spent 2 hours in a Chronic Hysterisis Standing in line for a Photo Op. Get Photo Op. Get back into a new line and Repeat. 5 times.

So I missed a lot of panels on Day One.

Say about half of Hattie Hayridge (Female Holly- Red Dwarf), the Lalla Ward, and The Inside K-9 Panel.

Then I got 3 more of the Autographs I wanted.

I paid for one of the Receptions (opposite Paul MacGann and the Torchwood Panel) and had a good time there as well.

So I got 85% of my tasks accomplished with having to sacrifice most of the panels in the deal.

I can live with that.

On to Day 2. The big, long, Saturday.



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