It looks like I may just have to quit until we find out if the BBC will cave into the sanctimonious Leftists because the sanctimonious SJWs will not shut the hell up.

YOU ASKED FOR IT. SJWs and Snowflakes will be offended. Misogyny ahead!


And what a smart nod to these gender-fluid times it could be if the Doctor seamlessly changed sex while retaining the same essential personality. The author AL Kennedy, who recently wrote a Doctor Who novel, may think of him as having a “guy vibe”, but it’s not clear why, when women, too, are capable of exhibiting what she calls his “hopeless, undomestic, dozy, dreamy” brand of eccentricity. (Come to think of it, is Helena Bonham Carter busy?) Scientists would be thrilled, too, at this priceless opportunity to interest little girls in physics. No wonder the idea of a Time Lady has been backed by everyone from Billie Piper, who played sidekick to the Ninth and Tenth Doctors, to Harriet Harman.

Cue fury, of course, from all those so grievously triggered by the idea of lady Ghostbusters or a black James Bond. Like Bond, the Doctor radiates natural authority – how else do you pitch up in a wheezing police box and instantly convince total strangers to follow your implausible plan to save their planet? – and doubtless that worries those who can’t bring themselves to associate authority with anyone but white men.

How about tradition? oh, right, that’s a dirty word to the Politically Correct just want to scote another one for their superior morality and “equality”.

Equally bigoted against white people and men, that is.


Something should remain the way they are because there is nothing wrong with that!

Scoring political points is not necessary for everything in life, unless you’re a SJW then everything is because Politics is emotion and emotion is Politics.

So it doesn’t FEEL good when you are soldering on and forcing your SJW down some new person’s throat.

Break some new barrier that doesn’t need to be broken except for the fact that it makes YOU FEEL GOOD. Screw everyone else, it’s about YOU.

Well, this blog is about ME and I hate SJWs.

They ruin people’s lives routine and then expect praise for it and when they don’t get it they are “offended” or they get “offended” when you don’t cow tow to their obvious moral superiority.

The arrogance and the petulance make me sick.

Well, tough. Any adult whose masculinity is genuinely compromised by a fictional alien on children’s telly needs to get over themselves, while the producers should have the courage of their convictions.

Well, tough, and SJW whose feelings are hurt because I think you’re power-mad 2 year old who whine and cry when you don’t get to control everyone like you personal toy should just suck it up buttercup.

We don’t always get everything we want in life and forcing people to cow tow to YOUR feelings hurts other people but your don’t care because you’re morally superior in your mind so they can just go f* themselves.

Well, F* you.

If progress could only be made once the most thundering misogynist in the room loved the idea, nothing would ever happen.

Wow, you’re quite the bigoted arshole aren’t you. Everyone who disagrees with you is a misogynist troll, eh?

Now that’s real Tolerance, diversity and equality.

As long as we do exactly as you say.

Yes, Master/Mistress, I will obey You. 🙂

or else, you misogynist pig…




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