Karen Gillan wrote the film, which she is also starring in and directing, while working on Guardians of the Galaxy  ALBERTO E RODRIGUEZ/WIREIMAGE/GETTY

The actress Karen Gillan has had to abandon the title of her directorial debut feature film because of potential conflicts over branding.

The former Doctor Who star had to ditch the title Tupperware Party title for her film, which is in production.

The film, which Gillan also wrote and stars in, has reverted to the working title “Untitled Original Drama” until a new name is agreed.

“The title is currently in limbo,” she told Screen Daily. “Basically we had a title [Tupperware Party] and then realised that it was a brand name. That’s actually the name of the company that makes those tubs, so currently we’re deciding on a new title.

“I’m kind of digging the idea that we have to figure out a new one…”

Whoops! 🙂