The Return of Doctor Mysterio: Review

Obvious note: SPOILER WARNING!

So how did you like “3 Men and a Baby” meets “Lois & Clark”?

I liked it. It was a fun little superhero romp from the pre-modern day post Dark-night, Movie Superheroes. Harkening back to a more innocent era.

John Byrne’s Superman (seen in the episode). Lois & Clark.

I won’t really worry about how naff the origin story of The Ghost is because it’s comics. They even make fun of it in a way when discussing Superman and Spider-Man but do it from the perspective of The Doctor doesn’t understand it or appreciate it very much. The cracks about Spider-Man’s origins in particular.

But it’s ultimately not about scorn, it’s about love. The way Steven Moffat plays with the conventions of the genre makes this a very light-hearted romp about Superheroes, The Doctor, and some bad aliens whose master plan is a bit bwah-ha-ha dubious.

So they set up a world wide network of offices so that when they drop an alien ship on New York City and their building is the only one left standing in all of the Manhattan area everyone who is rich and powerful will come running to them for salvation…Uhh…

Maybe it’s the cynic in me, but I’d be wondering why they survived in the sense of did they cause it?

But fear is a great motivator.

It’s a fairly daft plan they have been building up to for 5 years. The idea of replacing all the world leaders with aliens is an old trope. But wouldn’t someone notice they all have this angled scar?

Or would it be a Lois Lane and Superman situation. Where the “intelligent” simply miss the daftly obvious?

And the Doctor had that gem for a reason. What was his wish? To undo all the temporal damage to New York that he caused in 1938? But it’s 2016!

Again, let’s not get too analytical because then you’re blowing the magic of comic books. The escapism. The fun, The good, bad, and the ugly.

But did Steven really have to have that split skull type alien again two Christmas specials in a row?? Really?? Or was this another Moffat foreshadow…

Grant, the Super Nanny, who gets his Lois Lane/Mary Jane Watson in the end without having to deal with Stormageddon was a very good character and well acted. Lois Lane/Mary Jan was also true to form.

This really was more “Lois and Clark” than anything.

So let’s not miss the obvious in front of our faces. It was Christmas. It was Doctor Who. It was fun.

What more could you really ask for, especially since it’s been a frickin’ year since the last episode!

Doctor Who took on a genre that it hadn’t in it’s 53 years, and did it admirably.

That’s all it needs to be.

Now we have to wait 4+ months for the next issue! 😦


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