San Antonio Report

Yesterday was a good day. I got the autograph of Sean Pertwee, Jon’s Son. And I have a Photo Op with him at Noon today.

I got into the very packed Doctor Who panel.

But because of the acoustics (4th Balcony – 6 flights of stairs!) and not being VIP, by the time I got into the panel it was already going for 15  minutes AND No David!


I like Billie, but I’ve seen her multiple times. And with the bad acoustics up in the nose-bleed section it was not the least bit exciting and hard to hear her anyhow.

Such a disappointment. And since I was late I have no idea why David wasn’t there or even if he ever was supposed to be (the Guide never said).

Then I got my Power Rangers VIP autographs (but found out just this morning I forgot Jason David Frank…) and went to a Comics panel where the speaker had an actual Action Comics #1 (Value, $600,000). Now that is being in the presence of greatness.

But that was quite a nice day of Lines, sit, eat, Lines, sit, eat. 🙂




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Doctor Who fan like few others. Also a fan of Science Fiction, Cooking Shows and more.

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