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Doctor Who Spinoff: Class — Latest News

We’ve got a synopsis for the third episode of Class. The synopsis for “Nightvisiting” teases the appearance of an alien that takes the form of lost loved ones. Ouch. Here’s the full, intriguing synopsis…

London is infiltrated by an eerie alien with the ability to morph into the shape of lost loved ones.

Tanya has an unexpected visitor come to her window in the dead of night – and she’s not the only one, as Ram and Miss Quill face their own startling visitors.

Confronted with these emotional encounters, the team must overcome the persuasion of this strange new threat, and battle through the streets to stop Tanya from being lost forever.

And here’s an image featuring Tanya that appears like it might be from “Nightvisiting”…

BBC America has posted the entire Class panel from New York Comic Con. Showrunner Patrick Ness and young cast members Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins and Vivian Oparah were on hand to discuss the new show. They’re all obviously very excited to be there, and even have a group hug after viewing the trailer together for the first time…


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