Doctor Who
by Hypnotic Harlequin

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First Doctor

-The War Machines- The evil AI WOTAN hypnotizes several people and The Doctor hypnotizes a companion Dodo to make her sleep and forget the events.

-The key of Marinus- The Morpho hypnotize all the humans on a plant to make them accept the Morpho as their leaders.

-The Dalek invasion of Earth- Daleks use special helmets to control humans

Second Doctor

-Fury from the deep- The weed creature hypnotizes two people

-The Macra terror- The Macra hypnotizes a gas mining colony

-The war games- People are hypnotized to compete

Third Doctor

-Terror of the Autons- The Master hypnotizes Jo Grant

-The Time Warrior- Linx the Sontaran hypnotizes several people

– The Time Monster- The Master hypnotizes several people (and fails on a few)

-Frontier in space- The Master tries to hypnotize Jo but is thwarted by nursery rhymes

-Planet of the spiders- The eight-legs (alien spider things) hypnotize people by attaching themselves to their victims backs. The head spider controls the Doctor via a psychic link.

-The Daemons- The Master fails to hypnotize someone

Fourth Doctor

-Terror of the Zygons- The Doctor hypnotizes Sarah Jane to reduce her oxygen use

-The hand of fear- The Doctor hypnotizes Sarah Jane to recover some memories

– The Sun Makers- The Doctor hypnotizes some guards and accidentally hypnotizes Sarah Jane

– The Ribos Operation- The Doctor hypnotizes a guard with a fob watch

-The Masque of Mandragora- Hieronymous hypnotizes Sarah Jane and tries to make her kill The Doctor

-The Talons Of Weng-Chiang- One of the powers granted to Li H’sen Chang

-Full Circle- Spiders hypnotize people (including Romana) with their bite

-State of decay- The King vampire hypnotizes the Three who rule allowing them to hypnotize. They hypnotize Romana

-The creature from the pit- Tythonians hypnotize via their communicators

-The Armageddon factor- The shadow control people via chips in their neck, The Doctor is immune.

-The invasion of time- The Doctor hypnotizes Rodan under hypnosis to build a weapon

Fifth Doctor

-Time Flight- Xeraphin hypnotizes the passengers on a plane

-The Awakening- The Malus hypnotizes someone to cause conflict and chaos

-The Five Doctors- The crown of Rassilon hypnotized The Doctor

– Resurrection of the Daleks- Davros has a device that can control humans that works via skin contact

-Planet of fire- The Master tries and fails to hypnotize Peri

Sixth Doctor

-Revelation of the Daleks- The Doctor tries and fails to hypnotize a mutant

-The mark of the Rani- The Master attempts to use a swinging object to hypnotize Peri but fails.

-The Ultimate Foe (aka Trail of a Time Lord ep 13/14)- The Master tries to hypnotize Glitz but fails

-The two Doctors- The Doctor hypnotizes Jamie

Seventh Doctor

– Battlefield- The Doctor hypnotizes two people via eye fixation

-Ghost Light- Smith hypnotizes Mackenzie and puts him in suspended animation

Eighth Doctor

-Tv Movie- The Master mind controls The Doctors new companions

Tenth Doctor

– The sound of drums- The Master hypnotizes the world via the archangel network

– The Sontaran stratagem- Sontarans hypnotize people with a device called ATMOS

-The poison sky- Sontarans hypnotize two members of UNIT

-The Christmas invasion- Sycorax try to control people via the hypnosis-esq blood control.

-The age of steel- Ear pods are used to hypnotize people

-Midnight- A being possesses and controls people

Eleventh Doctor

-Day of the Moon- The Silent have the ability to plant post-hypnotic suggestions into anyone that sees them, The Doctor uses this to plant a suggestion in all humans.

-The Crimson Horror- Clara is hypnotized by a form of matter and made into the villain’s servant girl

-Closing Time- The Doctors ability to quiet a crowd by saying hush is said to be hypnotism but this is denied by The Doctor

-Nightmare in silver- Various people, including The Doctor are controlled by Cyberman tech

Sarah Jane Adventures

-The Day Of The Clown- The pied piper hypnotizes children to abduct them

-Secrets of the Stars- People hypnotized by their star sign

-Sky- Miss Myers hypnotizes workers in a power plant, puts most of them to sleep but makes one work for her

-The man who never was- A hologram is built  to hypnotize people, amusing Sarah Jane is immune due to experience

-The mark of the berserker- The berserker pendent allows its user to control others

-The last Sontaran- The Sontarans control people via neural implants


-Adam- Jack Harkness hypnotizes his team to help them focus on their true memories before erasing some false ones

-Sleeper- Beth the alien sleeper agent is reprogrammed

K9 (Australia)

-Dream-Eaters- Gryffn uses hypnosis to enter a shared dream state with K9

-The custodians- Etydion hypnotizes several people

Big Finish Audio

Fourth Doctor

-The Oseidon Adventure: Discussion of Time Lord psychic empathy field and suggests that all Time Lords could perform hypnosis along the lines of the Master

Fifth Doctor

-The bride of Peladon- The Doctor hypnotizes Erimem with her signet ring

– Tweaker- The Master uses a record to induce mass hypnosis

-1963: Fanfare for the common men- The Doctor hypnotizes someone to make them focus

Eighth Doctor

-Zagreus- The robotic puppet Goldilocks brainwashes people with fairy dust

-Terror Firma- Davros messes with The Doctor’s mind

-The girl who never was- The Doctor discusses teaching Freud hypnotism


-Lies- Romana finds she was hypnotized to prevent the Imperiatrix Imprimatur forcing her to take the patch she took.

Bernice Summerfield

-The mirror effect- Braxiatel hypnotizes several people with varying side-effects

BBC Audio

Third Doctor

-The paradise of death- Aliens disguised as humans plan to hypnotize people via their new theme park


-Scream of the Shalka- An entire village is psychically controlled

Video games

-Destiny of The Doctors- The Master tries to hypnotize the player character and fails. The player character can hypnotize Zygons with clocks.

Stage Plays

-Doctor Who: The Ultimate Adventure- An envoy is programmed by the Daleks to blow up London


First Doctor

-Lizardworld- The Doctor hypnotizes some big lizards

Second Doctor

-The Zombies- The Zagbor try to take over the world with a hypnotic beam

Third Doctor

-The time thief- The Master hypnotizes a race of aliens to become their king, The Doctor hypnotizes the guards to get in

-*Sub-zero- Daleks hypnotize the crew of a submarine

Fourth Doctor

-The body snatcher- Sarah Jane and Harry are hypnotized by the Rascla

Eighth Doctor

-The Flood- Cybermen control peoples emotions via “Emotional Rain”

-Doctor Who and the nightmare game- A football team is hypnotized by aliens to build a device under their pitch

-The curious tale of spring-heeled Jack- Morjanus uses self-hypnosis to convince herself she is Penny Chapman

Tenth Doctor

-We will rock you- A rock band hypnotizes everyone in Cardiff so they can eat them

-Death to the Doctor!- Introduction of The Mentor, a semi-parody of The Master who posses mind control powers

-Death disco- The Terpsivore hypnotize people with techno music

Eleventh Doctor

-In-Fez-Station- The Doctor and his companions are hypnotized by a Fez

-24 hour news invasion- A rival plant tries to hypnotize people via that planets rolling news station

-The demons of Repton abbey- The Doctor turns an aliens memory stealing ray into a hypnosis ray and uses it against them

– The hat trick- A bunch of rabbits hypnotize a magician to make him bring them into our world via his hat. The Doctor hypnotizes the rabbits with a fob watch


Second Doctor

-The Dark Path- Talks about The Doctor and The Master’s history, when they were young on Gallifray The Master taught The Doctor hypnosis, The Master used to hypnotize people and The Doctor then un-hypnotized them

-The Roundheads- The Doctor hypnotizes people to induce sleep

Third Doctor

-The science of magic- The witch-queen Karolina has a staff that gives her hypnotic powers

-Revenge of the phantoms- Jo is hypnotized

Fourth Doctor

-Return of the spiders (from More Short Trips)- Both The Doctor and the Queen spider hypnotize several people.

Fifth Doctor

-Tweaker (from Short Trips:Transmissions)- The Master uses a record to induce mass hypnosis

Seventh Doctor

-Stop the pigeon (Part of the Short Trips anthology)- The Master hypnotizes people to go back and time and fetch him babies.

-Timewyrm: Exodus- The Warlords and the Timewyrm give Hitler the power of mass hypnosis causing history to be altered

-All-consuming fire- The sentient smart missiles are said to be susceptible to hypnosis

-Question mark pajamas (from Decalog 2: Lost Property)- The Doctor hypnotizes Ace with the story of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Eighth Doctor

-Grimm reality- Freud hypnotizes The Doctor to find out about his fear of silverfish

-Option lock- Sam Jones get hypnotized

Tenth Doctor

-Stamp of approval (from The Doctor Who files 2: Rose)- Introduces the Hobothy who try and hypnotize the world


-About time 3: The unauthorized guide to Doctor Who- Contains an essay called “How does hypnosis work?”


-Doctor Who: Thirty years in the TARDIS: Elizabeth Sladen is controlled by a Sontaran  during the host segments


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