Could these lost episodes of Doctor Who be getting a cartoon makeover?
Patrick Troughton took over from William Hartnell as the Doctor in 1966 (Picture: BBC)

Doctor Who fans could soon be given the chance to see six long-lost episodes from the show, following rumours that they could be revamped in cartoon form.

According to the Mirror, BBC Worldwide has commissioned a company to make an animated version of 1966’s The Power of The Daleks – which featured Patrick Troughton taking over from William Hartnell in the first ever Time Lord regeneration.

The episodes in question were only ever shown once on the BBC and only aired overseas in New Zealand and Australia – with the last remaining prints being junked in 1975.

The story – which is heavy on the Dalek content, obviously – also sees Troughton make his debut, as he tells companions Ben and Polly that the Tardis helped him to renew himself.

And they’re not the only Doctor Who episodes which have been lost over time – with 97 other instalments also remaining undiscovered since the series began.

Nine other lost episodes – including 1968’s Web Of Fear – were found in 2013 by an archive recovery company, at a TV station in Jos, Nigeria.

Rumours that rediscovered installments could get an animated makeover began last year after a short example of this was posted online – only to later be removed.

BBC Worldwide have yet to confirm that the cartoon revival is in the works.

We’ll see if it actually happens…