Class Silence

From FanSided:

For a Doctor Who spin-off, things have been quiet around Class. Why is there so little buzz about the new show?

Given how popular Doctor Who is, one would imagine that virtually anything associated with the program would do quite well. Big Finish has become an important part of the Whoniverse, and spin-offs such as Torchwood have seen a resurgence in popularity. It would make sense that any future spin-offs would; likewise, there would be a great deal of buzz surrounding that show.

Yet, things have been rather quiet around Class. Considering it is aimed directly at young adults and teenagers, the demographic that Doctor Who needs to court in order to continue the program’s draw, this relative silence is a bit disconcerting.

Perhaps this is due to the fact that Class filmed at the same time that Series Ten of Doctor Who was getting underway. With the excitement around the new companion, and Steven Moffat’s final season, it would be difficult for any other show to get attention. With Class being new, and featuring mainly unknown actors, it would be easy to overlook the spin-off.

Likewise, being aired on BBC3 is not helping. Yes, the reruns will be shown on BBC1 in the following days, but that is not the same as having the debut at that time. In fact, given how few people have BBC3 comparatively, it may be fair to say that having Class begin its life as an online show is not in their best interest.

Hopefully, after the upcoming panel during New York Comic Con, and the announcement of when Class will air, the lack of buzz will change. Presumably, we will get more insight about the show, get to know the cast better, and hopefully have at least one trailer of the upcoming action.

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