This Means War…

DOCTOR WHO’s War Doctor Gets a High-End Figure

Big Chief Studios has announced a new War Doctor 1:6 scale collector figure that features a fully authorized likeness of Hurt with many of the accessories that he had in Day of the Doctor. So, he’s got his sonic screwdriver, the laser rifle he confiscated from a Gallifreyan soldier, a few interchangeable hands, a light-up display base, and even “the Moment,” the doomsday weapon with a conscience that eventually took the form of Billy Piper‘s Rose Tyler/Bad Wolf. We only get the box here, but we’d love to see the Moment’s Bad Wolf in the future!

Doctor Who War Doctor 12

As you can see in our gallery below, this is no mere statue. The War Doctor can be posed in several different positions, and it really seems to capture the persona that Hurt gave him onscreen.

The standard edition of the War Doctor figure will be limited to 1,000; and it will run about $248 plus shipping. There is also a signature edition of 300 units that come with an autograph plaque signed by Hurt with a certificate of authenticity. You can preorder it here, and it will be released in April 2017. (Nerdist)


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