Shaky with 11

The latest Matt Smith Titan Comics Year Two comics I read are still not energizing me like the 4th Doctor, 8th Doctor or 12th Doctor Comics have.

Accused of a crime he cannot remember, the Doctor flees through time and space from the temporal bounty hunter the Then and Now who has been sent to kill him.

The one person who can help is the time traveler’s wife, Professor River Song, and he springs her from jail in order for her to prove that he is innocent of mass murder.

They head to one of the most dangerous places in the universe, the Time Lord prison planet of Shada, a place so terrifying that the Time Lords erased its name from time itself . . . Shada takes its name from the abandoned television story written by Douglas Adams for fourth Doctor Tom Baker.

But it just doesn’t seem like Matt’s Doctor. He says and does things that don’t ring true to me. As does River.

The others are just there. That’s about it.

Other people have reviewed them and said they were great. I just can’t see it.

I am thinking of dropping this run. I really am.




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