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DrWho 3D Preview Page 1

So, in a way, Paul Cornell is working through his feelings toward the Pertwee era—good and ill—in this miniseries. “I think that’s what any writer, with his salt or her salt, will do when thrown into doing a previous Doctor. You work out what you like and what you don’t, and you pick and choose elements, and you work on things.” He went on to reiterate that maintaining the style of the era in question is the main task. “Of all the reactionary critique of the New and Missing Adventures [spin-off novels from the ’80s], the thing that really chimed with me, and the thing I actually agreed with, was it should feel like the era it comes from. Otherwise, you’re just abandoning the basic limitations which are meant to be good little hurdles for you to leap over, that you should leap over in interesting ways, like dressage.”

You heard it here first, folks; writing with limitations is the dressage of creativity.

You can read the five-issue Third Doctor miniseries from Titan Comics, written by Paul Cornell and illustrated by Christopher Jones, beginning in August. (Nerdist)


Thank goodness. 🙂


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