Doctor Who Magazine @ 500

We begin this week with heartfelt congratulations for the 500th issue of a hugely important publication that has been there for the fans for nearly 40 years. In the days before social media, websites, Doctor Who Confidential and DVD extras, Doctor Who Magazine was the only way fans could read more about the actors, technicians and writers who worked on the show, bringing in specially written comic strips and exclusive interviews too. It started as Doctor Who Weekly in 1979, before moving to the now familiar monthly publication schedule a year later, and has been a constant companion for Whovians ever since.

I have subscribed to it since November 1983.


Doctor Who Magazine has also been recognised by Guinness World Records as the longest running TV tie-in magazine, an apt honorific, given that it supports the longest-running science fiction TV show in the world. And after some speculation as to how to best commemorate such a huge achievement, the front cover of the 500th issue has been revealed:

Which is, of course, based on the very first issue, complete with free transfers:


So congratulations all round. It’s clearly time to get a new 500 issue diary…

They now have a You Tube Channel:

At the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff:


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