The Time Lords

I wrote over the last weekend a Power Point Presentation on “The Time Lords of Gallifrey” (Phoenix Comic Con Thurs Noon- Be There) and it confirmed something I have said about The Time Lords but also something Writer/Script Editor Robert Holmes also said about them, but not exactly these words.

The Time Lords are real bastards.

But then again, they have to be don’t they. They have to contrast with the Hero, The Doctor.

Time Lords are egotistical, pompous, and most of them are corrupt (or corruptable).

“10 Million years. That’s what it takes to be really corrupt” — The Sixth Doctor, Trial of a Time Lord.

“Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority; still more when you superadd the tendency of the certainty of corruption by authority.”–Lord Acton

The Doctor is not immune to it. “Time Lord Victorious” anyone?

But he pulls back when he goes to far.

Let’s review The Doctor’s own history.

He left. (whether he was bored or because of a prophecy)

He’s caught. Put on Trial. Forced to Regenerate against his will because the Time Lords deem it so. He is exiled to Earth without TARDIS technology. Imprisoned, on a desert island of time and space,effectively.

He is pardoned. But not until after they break their own Laws of Time to defeat Omega.

He is used by the Time Lords as there own weapon. Draconia, Davros (“Genesis”)

Speaking of “Genesis”, they also use the Doctor to try and avert or alter the The Daleks, thus starting the Last Great Time War.

Which they lost. But not until after many civilizations fell, and they’d used all the Forbidden Ancient Weapons they were never supposed to use.

Then they sentence The Fifth Doctor to termination so he can get into the Matrix and smoke out Omega.

Then their that whole thing with Borusa and The Five Doctors.

Where The Doctor is elected President for the Second Time and skips out on them a second time. Do they keep electing him because he’s so much less corruptable that they are.

12th Doctor aside, of course. 🙂

Then they put the Sixth Doctor on Trial. Only it’s a put up job by members of The High Council.

When you have the Master exposing your plan, that’s just a whole suitcase full of bad!

So from Doctors 2 through 6 they are a constant interfering force.

Then the 7th Doctor become a manipulator. The Eight Doctor becomes a Warrior.

And then the Time War.

They resurrect Rassilon, who goes mad.

But then maybe some hope comes of it when The Doctor saves them all, even from himself in The Day of The Doctor.

How they carry on from here, well, The 12th Doctor didn’t exactly have a summer holiday with them either.

The all powerful are scared and frightened.

We shall see, won’t we.




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