Life is Funny

I have been trying to get my Doctor Who panels for Phoenix Comicon coming up June 2-5 for at least a month now.

I stay home sick yesterday (a story for another day) and I get more panelists volunteers than I need for both panels.

Wow, I should be sick more often. 🙂  (that is definitely a joke since I was miserably sick for two months this year already and got NOTHING constructive done).

So I going a head with them finally.

The Time Lords of Gallifrey:
They are the mysterious, almost god-like Masters of Time & Space. With literally all of Creation, everything that ever was or ever will be, as their backyard. Over the 52+ history of the show The Doctor’s own people have made appearances. Most of them, not so nice. Lets all talk about the differences, the characters From The Meddling Monk to Rassilon, and the History of this oldest race in the Whoniverse.

“10 Million Years of absolute power” indeed. Let’s take a to look at them together.
What Makes a good Companion?
So do you have what it takes to be a Companion of the The Doctor? Let’s examine 5  of The Best to determine what it takes to be a companion of The Oncoming Storm. Then we’ll open it up to you. Do you dare open those doors and step inside of the universe of The Doctor. Your life will never be the same afterwards. It will be a Trip of a Lifetime.

I’m also on a Torchwood Panel, but just a panelist.

About mydoctor1962

Doctor Who fan like few others. Also a fan of Science Fiction, Cooking Shows and more.

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