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Doctor Who fans have been sharing some of their #TimeyWimeyProblems on Twitter on this fine Friday.

From relationship issues to simple sneezes, being able to travel through all of space and time occasionally causes more problems than it solves.

Here are some of our favourites. (radio Times)

1. So many relationship issues…

The woman you love turns out the a Zygon or a Kraal. Or your Father is really Kamelion or The Master.

2. This happens all the time.

You travel with them through life, then your memories is wiped. But you keep getting to see them and don’t remember that you’ve been wiped because it hasn’t happened yet? 🙂

3. Why Always Rory?

Cressida, anyone? 🙂

4. We’ve all been here right guys. Guys?

2000 years as a Roman Centurion guarding the body of your dead girlfriend, whom you killed, so that she will be alive again. 🙂

5. The Doctor isn’t the only Timey Wimey Traveller.

Monk and Master issues. 🙂

Or when The Time Lords, besides, the Doctor, show up. Hide the good China and anything breakable.

6. Tissue?

7. This is way too complicated to deal with on a Friday.

It just got away from you, didn’t it?  🙂

8. Is there something in your eye?

9. Wait, isn’t all this just a distraction from the real problem?

The Wilderness Years