The TV Movie Revisited

If you haven’t seen it, you should pick up the latest Doctor Who Magazine, which has some new articles on the 1996 TV Movie.

Yes, I have given it some grief in the past. Most fans have.

But the article by Jonathan Morris is particularly good.

It points out several very important points about the TV Movie that would eventually lead to another series 9 years later.

The most salient of the points is that the Movie itself is not the now fashionable “Reboot” or “re-imagining” where they throw out most of what you liked about the show just to borrow the name or the basic concept.

Xena reboot? Charmed Reboot? etc etc etc….

The TV Movie, is a CONTINUATION of the series. By having Sylvester McCoy in the first 20 minutes to pass the baton Paul McGann you have a continuation of the old show into the “new” show. Something that would happen, albeit more slowly when Russell T Davies continues the show FROM the the TV Movie in 2005. And then the TV Movie gets a roll in the 50th Anniversary, with Night of the Doctor!

So you have a nearly seamless transition from Classic Series (1963-1989) to TV Movie (1996) to NuWho (2005- ) and they are all THE SAME SERIES. So you can have a series that effectively has been on since 1963 with just some years when it wasn’t on.

In these days of Reboot Mania this is actually an extraordinary feat.

So one of the weaknesses of the TV Movie (not being very new viewer friendly because it picks up with the 7th Doctor for 20 minutes, then has the 8th Doctor come in and be all “Who am I?” for the next 20 minutes so that the movie is half over before it really gets going) and turns it into a significant historical precedent.

Classic Who is connected to the TV Movie and The TV Movie is Connected to NuWho.

There is a reboot in sight. They are not separate canon.

And should the show go off the air again for years and come back, the template has already been laid for it just to pick up where it left off.

I found this to be a revelation that I had not thought about beforea bout the TV Movie.

So it makes the TV Movie that much better overall. The plot still sucks. But for what he had to work with and the fact that it was Writer Matthew Jacobs idea that it should be a continuation makes it better in hindsight than it was in the moment.

Yes, I did say it was THE WRITER’s IDEA!  Not Fox. Not Universal. Not The BBC.

The Writer is the one you have to thank for the continuity between Classic Who and NuWho.

Not such a bad guy after all. 🙂



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