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‘It’s not been looked after’ Peter Capaldi criticises BBC bosses over Doctor Who

PETER CAPALDI has risked biting the hand that feeds him as he criticises the BBC’s inconsistent scheduling of Doctor Who.

The programme shifted about in the timetables several times last year, as the lengths of Strictly Come Dancing’s live shows fluctuated from week to week.

At the time, he called for the corporation to go back to airing the sci-fi series in one regular slot, and has now re-enforced those claims once again.

“The BBC is an incredible organisation, but… sometimes people there think, ‘That’s looking after itself’. And it’s not being looked after,” he told Newsweek.

“I think maybe their eye was taken off the ball, or the show was seen as a thing they could just push around. It’s not. It’s a special thing.”

The programme’s ratings were up and down last year but its catch-up numbers remain strong.

The actor continued: “I have to pay attention to ratings – I’d rather not – but it’s the way the business is. I think overnight ratings are a thing of the past.

“You can’t really measure the success of the show by its overnight ratings, which is what the papers do. But there’s still a place for families to sit down and watch the show – that’s still a great, fun thing to do.”

He added: “That’s what the show’s success has been based on. That has to be protected.” (The Express).

Peter’s not wrong. The whacked scheduling of last series was bad. Very bad. I mean most episodes were on AFTER the “target” audience had gone to bed or don’t do “family time” after 8pm, which is why you had such high numbers of recordings and replays.

But the Network clearly values the mass appeal of Strictly Come Dancing more than WHO, and old franchise even by modern day standards with 9 series in 11 years under it’s belt.

The No New WHO in 2016 doesn’t help either.

If you got the feeling that WHO was kind of just dump after Strictly and it was left flapping int he winds I wouldn’t disagree.

The only thing precious to a Network, is Money. Ratings, at least for now (with technology changing the paradigms) are still King.

Strictly is a “mass appeal”. Broad “demographics” and above all “cheap”.

The “Reality” program is not what it used to be because of over-satuation, but it is still cheaper than a Legendary Science Fiction Show that has some mass appeal but not as much as Dancing.

Remember, the cardinal rule of TV (IMHO) that I learned as a young kid:

THE PROGRAM IS ONLY THERE TO TAKE UP THE SPACE BETWEEN THE COMMERCIALS.It’s like Legos, they can be reshaped at anytime to make a new “something”.

It’s a business first. Entertainment, 3rd or 4th.

Admittedly, in England, you don’t have the commercial breaks like you do here but it still applies because the BBC is charged with making money off it’s programming just like everyone else and they’ll do it like everyone else, as cheaply and and as profitably as possible.

Fandom aside.

So WHO came up on the short end of the scheduling in 2015, and none at all in 2016.

That’s Show BIZ!



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