A River Runs Through it

River Song will meet some other incarnations of the Doctor in a new Doctor Who spin off

Big Finish have announced the second audio series of The Diary Of River Song, set for release next year.

River Song met the Doctor in the middle of his pretty boy phase, but now here’s the real test: will she still love the Time Lord when he’s wearing THIS?

Big Finish have revealed that series two of their Diary of River Song audio adventures will feature Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy bouncing off Alex Kingston’s cosmic archaeologist.

(Picture: Big Finish)
Alex Kingston with Sylvester McCoy and Colin Baker (Picture: Big Finish)

Producer David Richardson said: ‘We’re thrilled to have both Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy appearing alongside Alex in this box set. I can promise that River and the Doctor might not necessarily be working to the same agenda. In fact, the two Doctors might not be working to the same agenda either…’

Yup, the faces may change, but that sounds like River and the Doctor all right.

The four hour-long episodes are called The Unknown, Five Twenty Nine, World Enough and Time and Eye Of The Storm.

(Picture: BBC)
River will be meeting the sixth and seventh Doctors (Picture: BBC)

Guest starts include Anna Maxwell Martin, Jessie Buckly, Robert Pugh and Dan Starkey.

Alex is also back as River Song for Doctor Who: Doom Coalition 2 on March 3, alongside another former Doctor, Paul, McGann.

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