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Lizard Tales

The Silurians are one of my favorites of WHO. They are as other people have said “a movie quality” idea created in 1970 for Pertwee’s first Season.

The above video has virtually nothing on them from that era. I’m sure it’s because its old and less tech than today, focusing more on Madame Vastra than anyone.

But they have always been one of my favorites. My domain name eocenearizona.com is named after them, as Eocenes is the Doctor Who term for both the Silurians and Sea Devils.

Still waiting for the Sea Devils in Modern Who. 🙂

The idea that they were here and had a thriving civilization before humans evolved and then they went into hibernation and were awoke by Man was a great story point. But to point out that they are just as Terran/Earthling as Humans and have the same rights to the planet makes for one hell of a story.

Homo Reptilia. As the Ninth Doctor would say, “Fantastic!”

The Beginning: