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16 times London was the star of Doctor Who
(Picture: BBC/YouTube)

US sitcom The Big Bang Theory once joked, ‘For someone who has a machine that can travel anywhere in time and space, Doctor Who sure does have a thing for modern-day London.’

Well, that’s probably because it’s the greatest city in the UNIVERSE!

Below you’ll find the best of London in Doctor Who throughout the years.

And I highly recommend it. Not just as a Doctor Who Fan.Take it away Chris…

1. The London Eye


Doctor Who was back with a bang in 2005 and they weren’t scared to show off our beautiful city. Christopher Eccleston seemed happy with the London Eye in debut episode Rose.

I went to that exact spot (or as exact as a fanboy can do) andt heir is a War Memorial in that spot now.

2. Big Ben

Likewise, St Stephen’s Tower (to give it its pedant name) popped up every other week in 2005, starring in the aforementioned Rose, the Slitheen two-parter and in The Empty Child (where Rose shared a dance with Captain Jack in front of its clock face).

Most recently, Peter Capaldi flirted with a T-Rex in front of Big Ben in 2014’s Deep Breath.

Amusingly, it is the very first thing I ever saw in England; from my airplane seat.

2011, my first trip ever. We were on final approach. The play descended below the cloud layer and the very first thing I see is Parliment, Big Ben and The Thames. It’s not for long though.

Then my hotel, in South London was only a 5 minute walk from Westminster Bridge. So I saw a lot of Nig Ben that trip as the Underground across the street is for Central London and went many of the places my very short 4 days first time took me. (1 day in, 2 days in London, 1 day out).

3. St Paul’s Cathedral

Some old-skool appreciation of London now with 1968’s The Invasion which saw the nasty Cybermen invade the city. The silver nemeses were back to their old haunt in Peter Capaldi’s first series finale with mischievous Missy.

What a magnificent place inside and out. I tried tracing The Invasion shot from the walkway going south from St. Paul’s. It now leads to the Millennium Bridge.

In 2015 I discovered Paternoster Square a block North of the Cathedral. 🙂

4. BT Tower

More fun from the 60s! The First Doctor battled fearful supercomputer WOTAN in The War Machines – it lived in what was then known as the Post Office Tower.

Not been there specifically. Been in the area though.

5. The Shard

Sure, we’ve ALL ridden an anti-gravity motorcycle up the side of the Shard. Matt Smith got the treat in 2013’s The Bells Of St John.

Been by it in 2015 in Southwark, South London.

6. Westminster Bridge


Though famously crossed by those mad little tanks in The Dalek Invasion Of Earth (1964), the bridge also appeared in the Ninth Doctor’s debut as he and Rose sought out the Nestene Consciousness.

Already mentioned above.

7. 10 Downing Street

The Slitheen again, and their 2005 two-parter with Eccleston prominently featured the PM’s home, and then promptly blew it up.

The political residence was later inhabited by John Simm when The Master posed as Harold Saxon in the 2007 finale.

Yes, been there. Tucked in a small street off to the side, very unasuming until you get there and there’s barricades, gates, guards and Royal Guards everywhere. It’s very not very showy.

8. Buckingham Palace


The Queen’s gaff was nearly destroyed in the 2007 Christmas Special, Voyage Of The Damned, when the space-liner Titanic almost crashed into it.

In an alternative time line, this actually happened, causing Donna and her family to move to – horror of horrors- Leeds!

Been to both, The Palace and Leeds Castle, actually. I liked Leeds, the Castle because I got to go in that one! 🙂

9. The Underground

60s classic The Web Of Fear saw the Yeti delivering scares on the Underground. So effective was the production that London Transport thought the BBC had illicitly filmed on their tracks.

The quintessential London experience. And very, very indispensable for the tourist.

10. The Globe

In David Tennant’s second year in charge of the TARDIS, he took a trip back in time to meet Shakespeare. Filming took place in The Globe, a rarity for any television or film production.

Been to the Museum @ The Globe itself. The Plays sold out too fast for me to get into one.

11. Trafalgar Square

The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special The Day of the Doctor opened dramatically with a breath-taking scene filmed in the heart of London.

Nelson’s Column and his lions could be seen poking out from the greenery in 2014’s In The Forest Of The Night, which saw London overcome with vegetation overnight.

For sure. Been There, Done that.

12. Tower of London

The Tower is the ‘secret’ home for UNIT, and used in a number of episodes since 2005.

Been there. Fabulous place.
And if you watch the video, Ingrid Oliver (Osgood) told that story about Shakespear Monologues at The Tower and said an American Woman came up to her during one of her monologues and asked, “Where’s the Restroom?” 🙂
Wasn’t me.

13. Canary Wharf

In the Series 2 finale in 2006, we discovered that Torchwood was based in Canary Wharf, probably on the floor down from Lord Sugar.

Fact fans will note that aerial footage from The Apprentice was used for the location (the BBC do like to save money!).

Been in the area, but not to it exactly. My stop on the DLR was a few tations later in 2013 when going to the Excel Centre.

14. Pudding Lane


One for historians. If you’re a fan of the Great Fire of London, then The Visitation (1982) is just the Who for you. This Fifth Doctor story explained how it all began in Pudding Lane…

Not Been there.

15. Butler’s Wharf

Now a very fancy area on London’s Southbank, Resurrection Of The Daleks showed off a very different side to Butler’s Wharf in 1984.

How times have changed, you could never get away with treating a Dalek like that now.

It’s very, very different now. Apartments and business and trendy stuff.

16. Heathrow Airport

OK, we’ll stop there with all the glamour.


I got her autograph and got to talk to her for a few minutes. Very nice person.