Daily Archives: February 23, 2016

Partial Return

For those streamers out there, some news.

Doctor Who in America is coming back to streaming, sort of.

Earlier this year, Doctor Who fans in the US were caught off-guard; the series was suddenly taken off Netflix, leaving anyone not caught up unable to watch the series anymore.

Luckily, the BBC sci-fi programme will be back in March, just not on the same streaming service.

Instead, Amazon Prime has picked up the show, with episodes being made available to stream in the US through Prime video.

But is only Series 1-8 of the NuWho.

Here’s the other catch:

Unfortunately, for now, US fans wanting to stream Doctor Who is going to have to subscribe to the $99 yearly service that is Amazon Prime. (The UK independent)

Geez, you could be multiple DVDs fr that…Oh I already do… 🙂

I’m old fashioned in that way.