Daily Archives: February 14, 2016

Gally Day 2 – 2016

Well, yesterday started off like the day before. I was in line for 2 hours to get the autograph of Sir John Hurt. I also got Ingrid Oliver, Claire Higgins (Ohica) while waiting in line.

Then I get his autograph and go and get Julian Glover’s. Everything seems to be going well.

I go to the main room to start taping. Yeah, well…

2 of my hour batteries (they are supposed to be longer but age has not been kind to them which is why this was my backup camera to begin with) decided that 1 hour meant 5 minutes!!

So I struggled all day with the batteries. Eventually I was unable to tape most of the Masquerade. Got most of “Just a Minute” (which turned into the How Nice is Ian McNeice to me because he was blowing the points on purpose for comedic effect) and the end of the Masquerade.

Just before that, at a private meet-and-greet for Samuel Anderson (that was rescheduled from the previous night because he was unable to be there until Saturday night) an unknown person asked me if I’d lost a Julian Glover autographed photo. I said I was not aware of it and would check later.

It was missing 😦

So I have to go today to Lost & Found. Distressing.

The “Adult” Match Game was bust (literally and figuratively) so I left.

Sir John does not disappoint.

Getting Ingrid Oliver and Michelle Gomez on the same panel is like wildfire in a bottle.

Colin Baker and Peter Davison had fun with each other and the audience at their unmoderated panel that was interrupted because a 5-year old (as it turned out) thought it would be ever so hilarious to pull the FIRE ALARM during this panel.

So another crazy day at Gally.