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If you’ve been meaning to binge watch Doctor Who on a streaming service then you’d better start as soon as possible. BBC has announced that the popular British sci-fi series will soon depart Netflix and Hulu.

This may sound familiar, as BBC threatened to remove Doctor Who from Netflix in early 2015 before a new deal was reached. This time, there doesn’t appear to be any imminent deal and Netflix has already confirmed that Doctor Who will be gone from its lineup as over February 1.

Considering the fact that streaming services have helped enlarge the audience for Doctor Who, this move would be mystifying…if BBC hadn’t already signaled its intentions to create its own streaming service. Doctor Who is one of BBC’s most popular shows, and BBC will probably use it to entice Whovians to try out its streaming app, whenever it comes out.

BBC is far from alone on this. HBO, Showtime, and CBS already have streaming apps, and there are probably more cable and broadcast networks planning streaming services of their own. The only way to do that is with prime content, and by withholding the most in-demand series from their potential competitors.

A BBC spokesperson told us that American Whovians will still be able to stream seasons 7 – 9 on and that the series will still be available through Amazon Video, iTunes, Google Play, and more VOD platforms. However they added: “We hope to announce a new digital partner for Doctor Who shortly.”

The spokesperson said they are saving details about the new service until “nearer the time of launch but suffice to say there will be a wide range of programs of various genres and eras, as you would expect from a company with a range of content as deep and wide as [BBC] Worldwide’s, including content that has never been seen before and fan favorites.”

No one can say that Netflix and Hulu didn’t see this coming. Both outlets have greatly increased their original programming in anticipation of this turn of events. But that doesn’t stop a TARDIS-sized hole from opening up in the wake of Doctor Who’s departure.

Would you subscribe to a BBC only streaming service just to watch Doctor Who? (Crave)

NO. And I likely will not when CBS shows the 2017 Star Trek either. I know streaming is the wave of the future and free TV is on the outs, but I’m an old fart and I’m going to do what old farts do. Be grumpy. 🙂




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