Titan Comics Update

I finished the “first Year” of Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor by Titan.

Issue #15 was the best of the lot, but that’s not saying much. It was dreadful story. And just didn’t give me that Matt Smith feel. The Characters, and the main villain, were unappealing.

The story essentially boils down to the Snake in the Garden of Eden (The TARDIS) tempting all comers with everything there heart ever wanted but at the price of their soul.

The TARDIS “lost” his way and became a bad guy. Alice, the new companion wallowed in her own grief to manic purportions in a very unlikeable way. Jones was just a boring cypher of a future rock star. ARC was a child-like mind (literally) and spent several issue curled up in a ball just saying “fear”.

It was an evil corportion that was behind it all. I kind of Anti-capitalist Santa Claus (kind of reminded me of Bernie Sanders) :).


BUT  all hope was not Lost!

I read the first couple of “second year” Matt Smith and while they still focus just a bit on torturing THE Eleventh Doctor the story is so much better and they all played well to the Classic WHO era of the 1980s with the return of Absom Daak, Dalek Killer (even though their are no Daleks in the story that was the point).

They dialogue sounded like rapid fire Matt Smith.


This one concerns something the War Doctor may have done (but it may also be because the Eleventh interfered later because of it).

It’s night and day. I actually look forward to reading it.

I see after the next issue they have another new writer, so we’ll have to see.

But the future looks brighter than the past.



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