Still a Mess

Just a quick note this morning. I have finished 14 of the first 15 Matt Smith comics from Titan than comprise the “first year”.

As I said awhile back, they suck. Well, on the cusp the finale of this storyline it still sucks.

#14 ended with The Doctor meeting his “Mother”.


I have been avoiding reading it.

And I don’t do that with Doctor Who, unless I just don’t have the time (like the books and audios).

I have read Doctor Who Magazine religiously for over 32 years. The bloody thing now cost 100 pounds a year (approx $160+ a year!). But I couldn’t do without it.

I can’t say the same for the Matt Smith Comic right now.

THE David Tennant one that I’ve read so far has gone for good to very preachy bad and back to good.

Capaldi has been consistently good.

Eccleston, meh…

I have only read 1 issue of Eight and it was good.

So it’s been very inconsistent.

The biggest problem is “voice”.

Sounding like the Doctor. The person doing the first year of Matt Smith missed it 98% of the time.

So if you like them, Why?

As a Who fan I am always all about the story. The effects, even in comics, are just dressing. As a Classically trained WHO fan I can look past the shaky monsters and the wobbly sets to see the passion and the ambition behind the episode (if it exists).

Jenna Coleman was just talking about wobbly sets last weekend in New Orleans in 2016!

It just looks better now and they hide it much easier.

It’s going to be a long Doctor Who winter. So that’s why I hope the comics get better.

I need my WHO. 🙂

FYI: 20 years ago to the day Paul McGann was announced as being the 8th Doctor.

Yes, it was that long ago.–4#/



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